SuperZings Rivals Of Kaboom | Review

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When it comes to toys little J will play with anything. Cars, figures, dinosaurs but I've always said the one thing he gets really excited about is blind bag toys. He used to spend ages watching children open blind bags on you tube and since then he has been hooked. We have recently received a blind bag style toy but the range also includes play sets too. SuperZings are everyday objects transformed into Superheroes and Supervillains. They are ideal stocking fillers or perfect pocket money toys.

 SUPERZINGS - Power Tower Assault Adventure 3.

The SuperZings Power Tower Assault Adventure begins when you take a Superhero SuperZing and place him on the ramp.  You are aiming for the Assault tower and if you aim correctly you will hit the tower and out will fly your Super villain that was inside. Watching him fly into the air will bring joy and a sense of achievement for little ones as they aimed precisely at the tower and sent the villain soaring in to the air.

If their aim is off their Superhero may fall in to the trap and will need to escape.

the Power Tower Assault Adventure 3 includes 1 Power Tower, 2 exclusive SuperZings, 1 SkateJet and 1 Super Ramp Cannon.

 SuperZings Monster Roller Hero Truck

The SuperZings Monster Roller Hero Truck is perfect for getting rid of the villains in Kazoom City. The Truck which is a great size with chunky features and bold colours comes with a super cannon attached. The super cannon helps to catch the villains by rolling over them and swallowing them. When you have had enough of the villains you can eject them in to the air.

The SuperZings Monster Roller Hero Truck Includes 2 exclusive SuperZings expert Monster Roller Truck drivers.

*There is also a villains version of this truck.

SuperZings - Kazoom Lab Battle

The SuperZings Kazoom Lab Battle is the ultimate battle playset between Enigma and Professor  K with unique and exclusive Enigma and Professor K figurines

The play set includes traps, super cannons with firing bullets and also super fists. 

Includes 1 laboratory, a ship, a robot and exclusive Engima and Professor K SuperZings.

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom blind bags are ideal for those who love surprises. The series features over 90 SuperZings to collect and they fit perfectly with the range of play sets available. The play sets  are a great way to encourage imagination.

Does your little one enjoy blind / surprise bag toys?



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