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Disclosure - We were gifted a framed photo for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.

framed photograph
Every time we take a Disney holiday we come home and try to decide which of our photos we will turn in to a large print to hang in the living room. had offered us the chance to review their service and choose from their framed photo prints so we wanted to make sure we chose the perfect photo.

Once we had decided which photograph to use we then chose a framed print from the many options available and uploaded our photo.

Once the photo was uploaded we could see a little preview of what the frame would look like. We then needed to choose our preferred size.

Sizes available are

24x24 cm

34x24 cm

44x34 cm

44x44 cm

64x44 cm

framed photograph
Once you have chosen your size you can then customise your frame. You can choose from

Black Matte


Vintage Silver

Walnut Flair

Oak Vintage Flair

framed photograph
You can then to choose whether to have the photo as it is or change it to black and white.

We then proceeded to checkout and waited for our framed photo print to arrive.

The whole process to order from was very easy and we are really happy with the quality of the photo and the frame. The finish is lovely and looks perfect in our living room.



  1. This looks fabulous, I don't have enough family photos around our home i really should get more sorted

  2. The frame looks great. Love the picture x

  3. The picture is a wonderful memory of your family holiday. Such good quality.. I will check out the link. thanks

  4. What an efficient service and a good idea to have your photo framed straightaway or else it becomes something that you never get round to doing!

  5. thats great that there is a framing service, always hard to get one sorted once you have the photo printed.

  6. Great review! These look really good, I must remember them for the future :)

  7. I've got a few pictures I really need to get re-framed


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