Review and Giveaway | Baby Shark Let's Go Hunt Game and Wooden Sound Puzzle

Disclosure - We were gifted both Baby Shark Let's Go Hunt Game and Wooden Sound Puzzle. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

 I would like to assume that everyone knows the song Baby Shark and if you don't I can also assume you haven't been living on this planet for a year. Baby Shark is so popular with little ones and I can promise you if you are heading on holiday this Summer it will probably be a firm favourite at Mini Disco. We have been trying out Baby Shark Let's Go Hunt Game and Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle for the last few weeks and they are a lovely addition to the very popular toy range.

The Let's Go Hunt game is a slow moving 'fishing' type game where each player grabs a rod and tries to hook a fish as it bobs up and down on the game board.

The game is designed for those 4+ and for between 2-4 players. Each player uses the rod to carefully catch the fish as it opens and closes its mouth. Now it may sound easy but it's quite tricky but lots of fun. There is an added bonus of the Baby Shark song playing as you fish.

 There is a pattern to the fishes opening and closing their mouths which little J worked out very quickly however that doesn't mean he caught all the fish. You have to carefully place the rod in their mouth and hook it on to their sharp teeth. If you don't they tend to flip upside down.

It's a lovely game that little J actually enjoyed playing on his own too.

 The Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle is a 5 piece shark puzzle with colourful and chunky puzzle pieces. When you correctly place the shark in the right place it will sing the Baby Shark song however it will play the part of the song corresponding to the correct piece eg Mummy Shark, Grandma Shark. Lovely feature to the puzzle.

Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle is aimed at those 2+ so was a little easy for little J however it's perfect for when his younger cousins come to play.

I am giving my readers the chance to win A Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle. All you need to do is complete the entry form below and pop back daily for more chances to win.


  1. I know a little girl that would absolutely love this <3

  2. Lol. great game. but now I keep singing baby shark in my head! Hehe. xx

  3. My daughters love baby shark.

    I am trying to enter this competition however your Instagram account isn't working it keeps saying page unavailable.

  4. I have to confess that I don't know the Baby Shark song. As my grandchildren are either not quite a year old or in their sophisticated! teens perhaps I need to win this brilliant game in order to learn it before the youngest starts nursery, so thanks for the chance!

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  6. Anyone else keep humming the song whilst reading this.....

  7. my grandchildren just love baby shark


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