Review | Smashers Series 3 DINO

Disclosure - We were gifted products for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

This week I planned an Easter Egg hunt at home for little J. He loves doing treasure hunts, usually for sweet treats but this hunt didn't involve chocolate, this hunt was a little bit different. We recently received a huge Smashers Series 3 Dino bundle which included an Easter hunt challenge for us to enjoy. We have played with Smashers before so I knew little J would love them.
To prepare for the Egg Hunt I cut out 11 dino shaped eggs and hid them inside and outside. When I was done little J searched high and low using his magnifying glass to try and find all 11 eggs. I may have hidden them a bit too well so I did have to use the 'getting hotter' 'getting colder' method to help him find all 11. Once he did his reward was to open up the Smashers Series 3 Dino Eggs.

It’s time to go back to the land before time… with Smashers Series 3 DINO. Smash open the Smash Egg to find what’s crawling inside! Will you find the Dig n’ Find Rare Dino Fossils? Smash your Smashers on the ground, to the wall or anywhere you can think and start building your Smashers collection today. Little J loves Dinosaurs so I knew this series would be a hit.

First we opened our Smashers Smash Rex set. Rex comes with 2 exclusive figures. If you want to you can actually smash your Smashers eggs in Rex's mouth. Little J loved watching Rex crunch the egg until it smashed and then if he pressed Rex's back we watched him poop it out.

The playset contains two exclusive Smashers and Collector’s Guide as well as the Smash Rex figure. There’s also a Smash Egg Rebuilder. We  have finally managed to master rebuilding the Smashers eggs.

Little J loves blind bag type toys and although the multi pack packaging allows you to see some of the characters in your pack,  the rest are hidden away waiting to be discovered. Series 3 Dino comes in single packs, packs of 3, packs of 8, packs of 12 and also packs of 20. As with most blind bag type toys there are lots to collect with series 3 having over 100 characters. Each pack contains a Collector’s Guide which is great to keep track of which characters you have found and also if you have found any rare or ultra-rare Smashers. In the past we have been quite lucky and found gold and silver characters. This series we have found quite a few exclusives, fossils rocks and an ultra rare one too.

Smashers Series 3 Dino are available to buy in most good toy shops and online too.


*We received a PR Sample for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. This post also contains affiliate links, they work at no cost to you however can help towards the running of my blog.*


  1. What a gorgeous Easter egg hunt, I know my nephew would lvoe these toys for sure, we do love the smashers.

  2. Aww what a fab collectable for dinosaur lovers! My little boy would lose his mind over these!

  3. Well I had no idea that Rex could smash your smasher for you. What fun! Mich x

  4. I've been thinking of getting this for Oscar's birthday next week and after reading your review I'm finally sold on it. It looks fab!

    Louise x

  5. Oh gosh my 7 year old would absolutely love these. I haven't heard of them before but will look out for them now, he loves all these collectible type characters!

  6. My little one loves dinosaurs so he will definitely love to have this! I’m sure this will keep him busy for a good few hours.

  7. My nephew is dinosaur mad I am sure he would love these. Great idea for a gift.

  8. I was playing with these at BlogOn - I know my kids will love them!


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