Days Out | Flip Out Trampoline Park

15 March 2019

Disclosure - We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Last week we were invited to a new trampoline park called Flip Out. We all really enjoy this type of activity as they are always fun and gives us a chance to burn off some energy! We have previously visited Kick Air and Inflata Nation in Manchester so it was great to have a trampoline park closer to home.

Flip Out is Liverpool's biggest Trampoline Park, brand new to the area. They have their own website and booking in advance is recommended. When we arrived we went to the reception desk, which was manned by two staff as the queue was reasonably sized for the time, and they issued us with wristbands and socks if needed for your jump.  You can take your own if you have previously purchased any from any of the other trampoline parks. You are then shown a short safety video giving you guidance on what is and isn't safe to do and away you go.

As soon as you go through into the main area, the size of the trampoline park is the first thing you notice.  Some of the areas that you see on the video aren't even visible from the entry area as there are so many different areas to play on.  You can go on whatever you want and all areas where open at the time of our visit.

We headed for some of the simple trampolines to begin with to get used to bouncing and work out where everything is. After a quick bounce it was time to head for the interconnected trampoline area, here you get to bounce on some high power trampolines that then allow you to launch yourself into a foam fit, flipping as you go if you wish!

Little J wanted to try the 65ft tube slide, very similar to an ice slide where you sit in a rubber ring and slide to the bottom. I haven't seen one of these anywhere other than in ice adventure areas, and it was just as much fun.

We then tried the Stunt area, here you have a number of higher powered trampolines all around a well padded Lamborghini car that can be jumped on, or over.  This was a really good area to get some height into your bouncing!  Little J was able to go in this area too as he met the height requirement of 1.2m so he was very pleased.

There was also an assault course type area, again with minimum height requirement, this was similar to a play area structure with climbing, rolling, and a decent size slide at the end which was very quick!

The most fun that we had was on the total wipe out zone. This is an activity where you stand on a spot and have to either jump over or duck under a moving bar, a staff member controls the fun and then at the end there is a game to see who can survive the longest.

Finally we spent some time in the Basketball area. Here there are two long trampoline runs, with a hoop at the end, separated by netting so there is no chance of losing the ball. You can bounce and try to get a hoop, or launch the ball from long distance. We even tried some football including attempting to overhead kick the ball into the hoop.

If you are thinking of a party there are some dedicated party rooms with plenty of space throughout and even free wifi for the parents. We didn't try the cafe although it looked to serve a good selection of food and drinks and there was plenty of seating around too.

Overall, we really enjoyed Flip Out and are looking forward to bouncing back soon.


*we were invited to Flip Out, Trampoline Park for the purpose of this post - thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*


  1. Oh this looks fantastic. My kids would have the best time here with all that bouncing around.

  2. I love these trampoline parks (they are sprouting up everywhere!) A great way for the children to burn off a few calories while having lots of fun

  3. What a fun place to take the kids. Looks like they really enjoyed there so much.

  4. Oh this looks like fun! My kids love this kind of thing, we've been to a few but never this particularly one!

  5. This looks like great fun. We have a couple of trampoline parks near us and the boys love them.

  6. We've never been to a trampoline park but I reckon my grandaughter would love it.

  7. Top class ! We love our trampoline place too


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