Our Family Fortnight | The One Were Mum Was Sick!

20 February 2019

 This fortnight started off nice and healthy although it took a turn for the worse as I came down with tonsillitis which wiped me out for most of it. Here's a look at what the others got up to.

 John made us a nice Friday Night Slimming World Fakeaway. I have made Fanta chicken before, and it tastes amazing just like sweet n sour but without the syns.

Little J doing some early morning training despite it being very cold and icy.

Party time. Little J's friend celebrated his 7th birthday and we were invited. We had lots of fun, dancing, games, unlimited slushies, candy floss and domino's pizza. What more could you ask for!!!

Spotted this in New Look. Will look amazing as part of my Rapunzel Disney Bound.

Homework this week was all about division and using items to help. We chose sweets!!

I was starting to feel a little better when Valentines Day arrived. I got these beautiful pink roses, sleeping beauty PJ's, a Mary Poppins Pen and To Do List. We bought the boys a Valentines cookie from Millies.

A belated Valentines Meal at F&B's 

So not a lot to report this fortnight. I am so glad I am on the mend and no one else got struck down though John hasn't been feeling to good the past few days so we will have to see.

What Have We Got Planned This Next Fortnight?

It's Half Term -  Yay!
I have a to do list for things I want to clean and sort out. 
John is in work
Little J has asked to go to Football Training 
Big J will probably spend most of it in bed. 

We do have a few days out planned so that will be nice and we also need to plan little J's Birthday Party.

I hope you have had a good fortnight and do you have any plans for Half Term?



  1. Oo dear - we've planned a few ACTIVITY days and days out

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better! It's such a nice idea buying your boys a Valentine's Day Cookie too :)

  3. I hope you are fully recovered now. We always practise maths with sweets or cakes as I find it always goes into the brain a lot better, no one gets hungry, and it is a lot more fun!

  4. Fanta Chicken! I have never tried that but I am intrigued. I am glad that you are feeling better now.

  5. I’ve heard good things about this Fanta Chicken from Slimming World. Hope you are 100% recovered from your tonsillitis!

  6. The Valentine's Cookie looks AMAZING! I was campervanning in the Highlands of Scotland on Valentine's Day ... the children planned to cook, but then we discovered we'd run out of gas (so we drove to the nearest coastal town and bought fish and chips instead!)

  7. Sorry to hear that you have not been well, I hope you are much better. Also, Happy Birthday to Little J's friend xx

  8. Your boy is brave to be training in the snow, I must have been at home all snuggled up with hot cocoa.

  9. Oh no you poor thing, I hope you are feeling better? Especially for half term. I love the sounds of the Fanta chicken and that top looks perfect for a Disney outfit


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