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What is it about Slime that makes kids just love it? Is it the fact that it's gooey, slimy, gross or all three? Little J absolutely loves slime and has various pots of it dotted around the house in a variety of colours and textures. I'm not a fan of it myself but I have to say when we received some Slurpees Snot Suckers I did find playing with it quite enjoyable as did little J.

Slurpees Snot Suckers are little squishy characters that have huge mouths and they are very hungry. Guess what they like to eat? That's right, slime.

Each Slurpee comes with its own pot of slime and is desperate to eat it. All you need to do is squish the Slurpee and push the mouth into the slime. Once the mouth is completely over the slime you will see the Slurpee suck it up. This took a little bit of practice as we kept squeezing it and it didn't work, but once you've got it, you can get it every time.

Once the Slurpee is full of slime then it's time to squeeze them and watch the slime come oozing out of its mouth.

You can then use your Slurpee to suck it up and spit it out over and over again. It's very gross but also a lot of fun.

Little J absolutely loves playing with his Slurpees and I can imagine these will be very popular as stocking fillers this Christmas as they are priced at just £4.99 each with 4 coloured Slurpees to collect.

You can find out more about Slurpees by visiting Bandai and they are available to buy online.


We received Slurpees Snot Suckers for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

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