Christmas 2018 | Our Advent Calendars

It's the 1st of December which means I am now allowed to be excited for Christmas. We have so much planned for December so it's nice to start off the month with our official countdown to Christmas, our Advent Calendars.

 We all have a treat calendar each which we chose ourselves. Little J chose the Hersheys Cookies and Cream, big J has the Reese's, John has the McVitie's and I have the Celebrations.

We always find that counting down the days till Christmas using the Advent Calendars so much fun. John and I don't usually get to eat our treat though because the boys usually pinch it!

As well as their treat calendars we have also done something a little different for the boys this year. They both have a goodies Advent Calendar that they can open in the evening.

Little J's is a book advent. Each year we bring down from the loft our Christmas boxes which include lots of winter stories and Christmas books for little J to enjoy throughout December. This year I've wrapped some of them up and also a few new ones too so he can open one each day.

I've numbered them all 1-24 and I have started with winter stories first then as the month goes on I've put more and more Christmassy stories in with 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' wrapped up for Christmas Eve.

Little J loves books so I know he will really appreciate this.

For big J we've wrapped up goodies so he can enjoy a treat in the evening.  He has lots of goodies to open, drinks, crisps and chocolate. I have wrapped them up so he has a different treat each day so one day chocolate, the next a drink and then crisps and then back to chocolate and so on.

He likes a little snack in the evening while he is watching his TV so he will love this.

Do you get Advent Calendars? Which one have you chosen this year?


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