Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Finishing Touches Thanks To Hello Canvas

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It's so nice to use the words finishing touches because that means that our house is finally done. It's taken a long time but I can now say that our home makeover is now complete thanks to our last two photo frames which arrived a few weeks ago from Hello Canvas.

Our living room is quite large so although we have two large oak frames and a smaller oak frame we had one wall that was still bare. I absolutely love the framed prints from Hello Canvas so was really pleased when we got the opportunity to order two framed prints. We chose two 40x60cm frames.

The biggest decision was which photographs to choose, this took us a long time. We have always chosen professional prints, especially of both of the boys, from our Walt Disney World holiday but this time we thought it would be nice to give the boys a frame of their own and chose two individual photo's.

Big J’s photo was an easy decision because he recently celebrated his prom and he looked so handsome and grown up so it was a perfect choice.

Little J’s was a little harder. He is going through a phase of not wanting to pose for the camera or if he does he either pulls a funny face or sticks out his tongue. I am all for natural photographs however I didn't really want little J’s poking out tongue on the wall. We managed to find a photo taken on John’s phone that was perfect. It has more of an Autumn feel to it but we love it.

When we have previously ordered through Hello Canvas it has always been quick and easy, this time was no different. The process is so simple and once you upload your photo you can edit it slightly either moving the photo left or right or zooming in and out.

The frames arrived within days and didn't disappoint. They are amazing quality and fit perfectly on our wall.

You can view the range of frames available by visiting Hello Canvas.


*we received the framed prints from Hello Canvas for the purpose of this review. Other prints mentioned we have paid for ourselves*


  1. How cute, I love frames around the house they bring a lot of personality to a room and just pull it together x

  2. These are real cute - wouldnt mind one myself

  3. Ho lovely! I like nothing better than filling the room with photography of my loved ones!

  4. It's great that it's so easy to get your own photos printed and framed like this. Loving those wood frames, and super pics too!

  5. Oo how lovely are those photos! I love photos around the house. Makes it much more homely! x

  6. Beautiful canvases - and the frames just make it so stylish x

  7. Nothing better than putting up family photos and lovely memories x

  8. I am in love with that photo of Little J! These look fab quality x

  9. My home really isn’t anywhere near done yet but I love these finishing touches - the pictures are lovely! X

  10. Awww lovely pictures, I have so many of my kids on the wall I have run out of space

  11. So lovely personal photos always make a house a home in my opinion


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