Dealing With Unexpected Expenses

I am really looking forward to the Summer holidays this year and being off with the boys. Although we haven't booked a holiday or got any days out planned, we will be hoping to book something shortly. We have had lots of unexpected bills and expenses recently so unfortunately our savings had to come to the rescue. We often have months like this when we seem to pay out more than we expect and it is something that I do try and plan for because obviously you never know what's going to happen but unfortunately I hadn't planned well enough.

There are ways to help cover what I call 'cash emergencies' and one way is to take out a short term loan.  I have taken out a loan in the past and I would say that if needs must then it would be something for you to think about.

Some people don't like to admit that they may have taken a loan out in the past or that they may need to in the future, but if you take a look at the Consumer credit index from CashLady you will see that it is more common than you may think.

The new tool on the site shows that millions of people apply for short term credit solutions each year. You can highlight the city of your choice on the map for a break down of data which shows monthly consumer trends.

The data shows the average loan request, monthly income, and even top employers.

For example if I chose London I would see that in June 2018 there were 1767 applications for a short term loan. Of those 1767 applications the average loan amount was £351 from people with an average monthly income of £1726.24.

The top three reasons for the short term loan was unexpected expenses, pay bills and other.

If you click on other cities you will see that unexpected expenses and pay bills is probably the most common, and were we seem to get caught out.

I would probably say that Summer and Christmas are usually our busiest months and therefore we spend more than we should, so it's nice to know that we are not the only ones who sometimes need a little help, and that there are ways to help cover these times.

*This is a collaborative post*


  1. Everybody needs a helping hand at times - no harm at all

  2. Very interesting, thank you. It's always good to know how many people use this kind of facility.

  3. Unexpected expenses are horrible but I guess we all get them sometime !

  4. I think I'd be too nervous to take a short term loan out.


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