Review - 1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen

You may have read a few months ago that we headed to the cinema to see Disney Pixar Cars 3. It was our first ever visit to the cinema with Little J but he loves Cars so much we knew it would be the perfect first time experience for him. As such a huge fan of Cars and Lightning McQueen I knew little J would be thrilled when he opened the 1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen.

Little J has quite a few remote control Lightning's but they were originally big J's from when he was younger so as you can imagine the features and design on the Ultimate RC Lightning McQueen are so more advanced and little J is absolutely hooked. 

Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning has many functions including

2,4GHz Remote Control
On/ Off button on the bottom of the cars
Light and Sound
Rev and Turbo
Reverse Parking
Donut turns (360 degree turns)

As you can imagine from the list little J was most intrigued by donut turns and the idea of smoke. None of his cars he owns has these functions so they were the first he wanted to try out. 

Donut turns were extremely fun and using the button on the remote control you can make Lightning spin 360 degrees. 

Smoking is an amazing feature that I wasn't sure how would work. Basically there is a small water tank under Lightning which you fill with water. Then when you are ready to make Lightning smoke from behind his back wheels you press the smoke button. 

The smoke is like a mist effect but looks just like the real thing and little J loves it. 

We are extremely impressed with the quality, design and functions on the Ultimate Lightning McQueen. The remote control is the perfect size for little hands and although the buttons take a little getting used to little J is know a whizz. 

1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen would be the perfect gift this Christmas for any Cars or Lightning fan. 

Lightning is available to buy in most good toy stores and online at Amazon


  1. I know someone who would be over the moon - BIRTHDAYS coming soon too

  2. I really liked how much detail they put into this toy. For example, the tyre marks on the base of the box is a nice touch!

  3. My 16 year old loved lighting now my 7 year old loves him


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