Little Green Men Battle Pack Review

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For the past few weeks we have having lots of fun and battles playing with Awesome Little Green Men. Little J watches children opening 'blind bags' all the time on you tube but these Little Green Men combine blind box opening with actual gameplay and is lots of fun. 

Little Green Men Battle pack
We received The Awesome Little Green Battle Pack and two mystery boxes. The battle pack also contains 2 mystery soldiers as well as three green men and 3 blue men. Three of the six included were vehicles which little J loved. 

Little Green Men Battle pack

Little Green Men First thing to do was to open the mystery boxes. Little J got 2 green men so his green army outweighed the blue. 

Each Little Green Man comes with his own dog tag which you can wear.

Little Green Men

Little Green Men

Once the blind boxes are open its time to play. 

There are official game rules which come in the battle pack or can be downloaded online however little J made his own army rules up.  For those that want to play the proper game here are the game play rules.

1- Pick Your Armies. Add up the power points printed on the bottom of each soldier. Each army must have the same total power points.

2 - Next, each player selects a prized possession of equal size to guard as his or her goal.

3 - Your battlefield should be a smooth, long surface about 6 feet in length, so a long table or the floor are perfect. Set up both armies at opposite ends of the battlefield. No soldier should be more than one soldier length in front of their goal.


The youngest player goes first. Each turn, a player takes four actions. Choose to march or attack.

 To attack, place an "Attack" Slider on either side of your attacking soldier. Aim at an enemy and flick the Slider. If you miss, that's one action. If you hit the enemy, that enemy takes Hit Points (HP) equal to the Attack Strength of the attacking soldier. 

 Each soldier has a different total amount of Hit Points (HP) they can take. Once a soldier reaches his or her total Hit Points, the opposing army captures that soldier. Keep track of Hit Points by putting one of the bandage stickers on the soldier for each hit they take. 

Your mission is to capture your opponent’s goal. Clear the soldiers in front and then attempt 5 to hit his or her goal with your “March” Slider without hitting an enemy soldier in the process.

If the Slider cleanly hits the goal, you’ve marched in and captured the prized possession.You win.

What We Loved

Great idea and the figures are really good quality. 

Little J loves the vehicles which we also use when playing with cars and hot wheels tracks. 

For those that have children that are obsessed with the 'bling bag' phenomenon then these will be perfect.

What Could Improve

Nothing, we love them and will be adding to our collection very soon.

The Awesome Little Green Men battle pack (RRP £24.99) and Mystery boxes are available to buy in Smyths Toys or online at Amazon


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