Review - Fuzzikins Craft, Campervan Carry Case

When it comes to toys Little J is open to everything. He has never really been a lover of just one type of toy. even though he loves cars he would also play dinosaurs or batman alongside them. It's great for us as parents as if I had to play with just cars all Summer it would drive me insane. We recently received Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carry Case to review. Now I know it is like a car as it has 4 wheels and a steering wheel but it really is much more than that. 

Firstly let me tell you a little about Fuzzikins Craft. Fuzzikins are cute little animals that live in a fuzzi little world. They are very special as all Fuzzikin Animals are plain white, they have no colour at all. If you want them to be colourful you can colour an design them yourself. Each craft set comes with pens for you to create your own unique Fuzzikin.

The Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case is ideal for the little Fuzzikins who enjoy life on the open road. The campervan includes two Fuzzikin cats ready to add a little colour on to the fur and the campervan can also be customised using the pens and stickers that comes within the set. 

Little J's cat.

My cat on the pull down bed.

Inside the van is a cute table and chairs for one of the cats to have a meal at and whilst the other drives around.

Once you have finished with the pens you can store them in the campervan.

The campervan doubles up as a carry case too with a cool surf board style handle. 

Decorating the van with stickers 

Little J putting all sorts of toys in the van whilst singing 'we're all going on a Summer holiday'


What We Loved

The Fuzzikins animals are so cute.

Each Fuzzikin will be unique as each child will design the Fuzzikin using their own imagination.

The campervan can also be customised using the many stickers and pens included.

The campervan doubles up as a carry case which is perfect for children to take with them on their travels. 

What Could Improve

Nothing, little J absolutely loves it.


To find out more about the Fuzzikins Craft range you can visit Interplay and the range including the Campervan is available to buy on Amazon


Disclosure - We were sent the Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carry Case for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.

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