Our Sunday Photo - 03/09/2017

September for us means the beginning of a school year. This year is a little special as I have one child  who is going in to his final year in seniors and another child just beginning his school journey in reception. 

I don't often think about the age gap between big and little J because they get on so well and do so much together but when we were buying school shoes it hit me. Big J can no longer fit in to the kids range at Clark's and went shopping in the men's section. Where does the time go?



  1. Seems like Big J can be a support and guide for Little J. As Little J embarks on his first day at school, etc. Big J attending school for his final year, I would expect is a mix of emotions :- Best Wishes. Hope he does well, and enters an area of Employment which he enjoys and is good for him and to him. As Employers seem to need to be held Accountable for their workplace, workforce, etc. As presently seems Business and Profits take priority over everything and almost everyone. A Happy, Healthy, Financially Secure workforce whose Wellbeing is supported via Work / Life Balance, etc could maybe impact on the Community and support the Wellbeing of :- Babies, Children, Disabled, Retired, etc. As we are told it is the present workforce who are supporting the vulnerable, etc via paying taxes by being in Employment.

    Maybe we can support one another via InterGenerational Community Events, etc. An example being The Big Lunch.

    Rachel Craig

  2. My children were the same the year before last, Megan started nursery and Connor was in his last year of primary school, they are now in year 1 and year 8, I can't believe how quick it has gone, I've blinked and my 1st born is 13, Megan is now 5 and we have 8 month old Mollie who will be starting school before we know it xxx


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