Hollands Micro 2 Go Pastie Slice Review

When I was younger Hollands was the only brand of pie I knew. It was the brand my Nana and Grandad bought, My Mum and Dad and whenever you had a pie from the chippy it would always be a Hollands. Growing up I was never a lover of meat based pies but I loved Cheese and Onion. A cheese and onion pie with lots of tomato sauce, yummy.

Although I do like Hollands pies I have to admit sometimes waiting 35-45 minutes for a pie to cook when you have hungry kids and a hungry husband can sometimes be off putting. We live in a world were everything seems to be faster than it has ever been. People want things done in seconds not minutes and minutes not hours. So when I heard about the Micro 2 Go range from Hollands I knew they would be a hit instantly, not just here but in many homes.

The Micro 2 Go means that you can eat a delicious Hollands Pastie Slice in under 2 minutes with the taste and flavour of your favourite pies. Ok, I have to admit it does sound too good to be true but we were all up for giving them a try.

At the moment you can choose from Peppered Steak, Cheese and Onion, Chicken Balti and Steak and Guinness. I absolutely love Cheese and Onion so this was the perfect choice for me to try with Daddy choosing Peppered Steak.

The pasties come in a neat microwavable box which you open a little by pulling the tab before you pop in the microwave. Once it's in just pop on for 1 minute and 30 seconds and stand for 1 minute once cooked.

Once it's cooked and left to stand you can open the box by pulling along the yellow tab. This will then break the box in half and you can either take it out and enjoy on a plate or eat straight from the box.

 I was expecting the pastry to be a little soggy but it kept the texture and the taste was amazing. It really was delicious. The pastie was full with flavour and it did just taste like a Hollands Cheese and Onion pie but without the long wait for it to cook.

I always say this but I do like to provide meals from scratch for the boys but sometimes that doesn't work and I need something quick and satisfying for them, these pasties do the trick.


What We Loved

Great idea from a trusted brand

Easy to heat up and under 2 minutes to cook

Convenient and perfect for busy times

Pastie kept its flavour and texture

Taste amazing

4 flavours to choose from

What Could Improve

I know I have put the flavours available in the What We Loved but even more choice would be great.


Hollands Micro 2 Go will be available in all good supermarkets and you can read more about the  range by visiting Hollands


  1. Oh something new to try!! Will have to give these a go!

  2. These sound really handy to have in the house

  3. I've never knowingly tried this brand, but these look great!


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