Blogtober16 #2 Share An Old Photo

2 October 2016

I actually found these photographs about a month ago when I was sorting through an old box of letters and junk that I had kept from school. Over the years I have seen these photos lots of times because they always seem to pop up when I'm having a clear out however I stopped to have a good look at them and I am so shocked how much I look like little J. I always thought he looked like Daddy but there is definitely some of me in there too.

I don't remember this photo being taken although I am 99.9% sure this is Boxing Day. There is obviously christmas cards in the background which does give it away a little but I always got dressed up for Boxing Day and these look like Boxing Day clothes.

When I was little, Christmas Day was our day. My mum, dad and I would stay in all day playing with presents and my mum would make Christmas dinner. On Boxing Day that was the day I would get my best clothes on and go and visit my Nana and Grandad. Boxing Day was like a second Christmas because it was the day you got all your presents from family. I loved going to my Nana's on Boxing Day, I don't remember much but I know when I think of it, it always makes me smile so the memories are there somewhere I just can't access them as I am getting old, haha. 

It's so strange as our Christmas now is completely different to what I was used to. On Christmas Day we do lots of visiting and spend the whole day with family. The boys absolutely love seeing their grandparents on Christmas Day and I can't ever imagine doing anything different.


  1. I always think it's amazing how much things change over the years.
    Like you though, I wouldn't change a thing!

  2. Aww! Lovely photo. It sounds like it holds a lot of memories for you.

  3. Love your photo
    My neices and nephews laugh at my photos -they say I haven't changed much
    Think it's a compliment x

  4. Lovely photo, we used to do the same at Christmas, but our boxing day now is usually just us because we have seen grandparents on Christmas day.


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