Daddy Goes Shopping On Wicked Uncle

When it comes to buying toys I am a little more open minded than Daddy. Daddy obviously enjoys choosing toys for little J but they are always the same type either cars or lego. So when Wicked Uncle gave us a challenge of browsing their website and choosing some toys for little J, I gave Daddy the job.

The only rule I had was that Daddy couldn't choose anything that had 4 wheels or nothing that you can build with such as blocks or lego.

When Daddy clicked on the Wicked Uncle website everything was very easily labeled. There was an option to choose Boy, Girl or All. Then there is clickable links for different age ranges or you can click all.

Daddy started by clicking boys and then age 3. This brought up lots of different choices however Daddy's eye was drawn to the very first toy Kinetic Sand. Described as easy to shape, indoor sand that can be moulded in to different shapes with no mess. He clicked buy and continued to browse the website.

By choosing from the different categories Daddy stumbled across a Foam Cone Factory - Pretend Ice Cream. Bring the seaside to bathtime and have fun creating realistic looking fun cones.

Daddy's mind was made up these two gifts were heading our way and I knew instantly as soon as he clicked checkout little J would love them both.

When they arrived a few days later I stepped back and let Daddy take all the credit. First up it was time to bring the beach to our home with Kinetic Sand.

Kinetic sand offers a magical and mesmerizing experience, easy-to-shape sand that molds into simple designs. Made of 98% pure sand with special binding agents that holds the sand together ensuring no mess and interesting play. Never dries out, is easy to clean, leaves no sand or residue on your hands and is wheat, gluten and casein free. Falls as though in slow motion - very tactile.

To begin with little J didn't really like the feel of the sand on his hands, which is unusual as he loves to play in the sand - I think this was because the kinetic sand looks like, but doesn't feel or behave like normal sand.  Daddy showed him how to cut the sand and how to let it run through his hands and gradually he began to get used to it.

   Once he was used to the feel he loved it.  The first thing he wanted to do was make a sandcastle - it was so easy to make and looked great. It didn't even fall to bits like a normal one would. Next it was time to use the playdoh tools on the sand, making shapes, and lastly on to hiding cars in the sand and having sandstorms covering them. He played with the sand for over an hour.  The sand is now stored in a little food box and having checked it today its still perfect and ready to play again.

When it was time for little J's bath he was so excited. We've never seen him so eager to have an bath . . ever.

Make your own pretend ice creams simply by dripping a few drops of bubble bath into the cornet at the top, add water and pull the lever. Watch as the “ice cream” fluffs and bubbles up in the cone before your eyes. This clever bath toy uses suction pads to attach to the bathroom tiles or the sides of your bath. The three flat-bottomed cones are designed to sit on the side of the bath, ready to add pretend sprinkles from the shaker that comes as part of the set. Mr Whippy, anyone?

Little J got stuck straight in with this, pouring his bubble bath into the maker and adding the water.  He quickly worked out that the lever could be pulled and would squirt out foamy 'ice cream'.

You get 3 cones with the set and Little J made sure that we all had a nice ice cream, with sprinkles from the included sprinkler.  He must have made 30 ice creams from one lot of bubble bath, and was still really pleased himself even after the 30th creation.  As an added bonus, the ice creams empty out and fill the bath with bubbles,  which he also loved.


What We Loved

The website is really easy to navigate. Lots of categories to choose from which really narrows it down. Makes life so much easier.

So much choice.

Fast shipping.

Great products.

What Could Improve

Nothing, love the website.


Overall we love the toys that Daddy chose and we will definitely be visiting Wicked Uncle again.

*we were gifted with a £40 spend for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*

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