Sshh! Don't Wake Dad Electronic Board Game Review

21 March 2016

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When big J was younger this was one of our favourite games to play. We would spend hours playing and I genuinely mean hours. He would make us sit and play it again and again and again. It is probably still in the loft somewhere as little J isn't in to games just yet as I thought he was a little too young for them but I was wrong.

Sshh Don't Wake Dad Drumond Park

We were sent a new updated version of Don't Wake Dad to play and little J is hooked. Although the game is recommended for 5+ I thought he may struggle to understand and would need help from his older brother but he is whizz at the game.

Sshh Don't Wake Dad Drumond Park

Setting up was fun because it brought back lots of fond memories of playing with big J. Although the idea of the game is the same it was been updated and the sounds such as Dad snoring and the cat shrieking are a lot clearer.

Contents include

1 x Dad in a bed
2 x Stickers for the bed
1 x Game board
1 x Spinner on card
4 x Playing pieces
16 x Cards
1 x Rule sheet

Setting Up The Game

First off you need to shuffle the cards and deal them out to all the players. Each player should have the same amount and if there are any left over just place them to one side.

Everyone needs to choose a playing piece. Place your piece same colour slippers on the game board.

Flip the switch beneath Dads bed to the ‘I’ position and then pop him onto the four little holes on the game board. Place Dad into the sleeping position by turning him and pushing him face down until you hear a click. You will know if he is in the correct position as he will start snoring.
 The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the chocolate cake in the fridge. 

Now You Are Ready To Play
The youngest player starts, they should spin the spinner then follow these instructions.
If the arrow points to a colour -  you move your playing piece to the next empty space of the same colour the spinner landed on. You cannot move to the same space as another playing piece, so you would move to the next available space of that colour.
 If you hold the card that matches the image on the square you land on, you’re safe.  If not, you must press the alarm clock the same number of times indiciated on the space. 
Sshh Don't Wake Dad Drumond Park

Once you have pressed the alarm clock Dad might stay asleep. If he does the game continues. If Dad
wakes up, he has caught you and you must return to your slippers at the start of the board.If you’ve been caught by Dad you keep the card that matches the picture that made him wake up, as it’ll protect you later! Now just place Dad back into the sleeping position and play on. Players who are on an arrow don’t have to press the clock at all.
If the arrow lands to + - You can choose one card to take from another player. This could help you stay safe later on so choose carefully.
If the arrow points to the slippers - Your playing piece is moved to the first space in front of the player in the lead.
Winning The Game
If you spin and there are no spaces available in that colour, then you have made it to the fridge. Press the alarm clock one more time and if Dad doesn’t wake you have reached the cake & won the game.
You can read more about Electronic Sshh Don't Wake Dad by visiting Drumond Park. RRP is £22.99 and is designed for 2-4 players aged 5+. Available to buy at most toy and game stores or online at Amazon.



  1. This looks and sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. This looks great fun. I've seen it advertised on the tv. It's a bit old for our household at the mo but will definetly remember it for the future x

  3. This seems like a great game for families.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Love this game
    Going to buy this for my nephew so I can play too


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