Best Relationship With Your Child DVD Giveaway

These past few weeks we have been watching a 3 DVD series entitles Best Relationship With Your Child. Both Daddy and I have made time to watch these and I'm so pleased we did.

These science-backed DVDs will equip you with a wealth of games and play ideas to maximize that time you have with your child and ensure it’s meaningful, connected and positive. 

We all know how busy parents are these days, and with the added draw of mobiles, tablets and TVs it can be difficult to re-connect with our children in a meaningful way through play.

Dr Margot Sunderland is a highly respected child psychologist and psychotherapist, Director of Education and Training at the Centre for Child Mental Health, and author of best selling and critically acclaimed parenting book ‘The Science of Parenting’.   

Dr Margot Sunderland has just released a series of 3 DVDs entitled Best Relationship with your child, covering childhood from 0-12.  The DVDs discuss the science behind childhood brain development and the benefits of play and games with parent-child bonding. Packed full of new games to play with your child, even the busiest of parents can find useful tips to take from this and fit in moments of connections on even the most busy and stressful days.

The average parent-child bonding time is 1 hour a day for mothers and 35 minutes for fathers.

 6 out of 10 parents say they play with their child only occasionally

        1 in 6 fathers say they don’t know how to play with their children.

 There is a wealth of ideas for you-me, small world, play, messy, clapping, drumming and dancing games, all of which can be incorporated into family life. 

      So whether you’re a new first time mum/dad or an old-hand to this parenting lark, there’s something for everyone. If you would like to win to win the 3 DVD series all you need to do is complete the entry form below and Good Luck.

You can read more about the DVDs and buy online visit CCMH


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 The Prize is Best Relationship With Your Child DVD 3 DVD Bundle


  1. Family board games (we have several from Drummond Park) and card games.

  2. Elizabeth Hinds22 March 2016 at 19:38

    I love playing board games with my eldest and silly tickling games with my youngest :)

  3. Creating things from lego or pretend play in my daughter's playhouse.

  4. Board games, jigsaws, sand :- sandcastles etc. Children like variety, I like some fun and educational games to be available for them, age appropriate etc.

    Rachel Craig

  5. We love playing board games.

  6. This is a Wonderful prize. Our relationships with the children is very important. Up to date information is always of interest, and can be beneficial.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Pam Francis Gregory27 March 2016 at 21:58

    We love to play tig

  8. We love to play eye spy, football, snap, jigsaws, hide and seek and racing each other!

  9. Snakes and ladders with the grandchilden, I always lose

  10. Playing idpy snd making stories up as we go along painting when it's wet and windy

  11. My grandchildren like to play hide and seek when I visit.

  12. We love to play hide and seek (which usually involves me giggling because of my hiding place!) and also Hungry Hippos!

  13. My family enjoy playing board games

  14. Philip Underwood10 April 2016 at 13:41

    I love playing hide and seek with my children!

  15. If its nice outside we play outdoor games, hide and seek etc. If it's not nice we play boardgames.

  16. My children are grown-up now but we still enjoy playing board games together. With my baby granddaughter I play various games, one of her current favourites is building blocks, where I build and then she knocks the blocks down.

  17. any board games or sports/garden games :)


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