Our Bedroom Makeover With The Yorkshire Linen Company

There is one thing about me that you possibly don't know yet but I love sleep. I have always loved sleep and if I don't get enough I get very grumpy. When I was younger I loved my bedroom it was the one place in our house that was mine. Okay my Mum and Dad technically owned it really as it was their house but it was decorated the way I wanted it and my bed was always so comfy. Now I share the bedroom with Daddy and it isn't as cosy as I suppose it could be. Our room can become messy quite quickly especially with little J wandering in early in the morning carrying various toys and teddies. Also our duvets are in desperate need of a change and so are our covers. Sometimes I find it very hard to drift off to sleep and I'm wondering if my surroundings have anything to do with it.

Our current bedding set is very dark and although its New York (which we love) the colours don't really reflect our personalities. We need something a bit more bold and bright. The Disney cushion is years old as you can probably see. Daddy uses this if he is reading or playing on his phone or computer.

It's hard to choose a colour scheme that suits both a man and a woman. I would love bright pink walls and I know Daddy would love blue but in the end we settled on purple. Although I do like our room it is in need of a drastic makeover.  I have teamed up with Yorkshire Linen Company who will help me create the perfect bedroom and hopefully get that cosy and comfy feel just before Autumn sneaks up. As you can see our bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover. I have browsed the Yorkshire Linen website and I have chosen two bed sets that will please both Daddy and I.

My first choice has a very classic and vintage feel. I wanted something that would blend well with our lilac walls. The colours are very relaxed and give a chilled out feel. 

1. Vintage Postcard Blue Double Duvet Cover Set - Double - £18.99
2. Terry Fitted Sheet - Blue - Double - £7.99
3. Vinatge Postacrd - Boudoir Cushion - £6.99

This bedroom set is very bold and vibrant and perfect. New York is very special to us as its where we got married and we have a New York bedding set already but we are ready for a replacement.

1. Catherine Mansfield Global Escapes - New York Duvet Cover Set - Double - £19.99
2. Polycotton Percale - Fitted Sheet - Navy - Double £9.99
3. Catherine Mansfield Global Escapes - New York Cushion - £7.99

I am really looking forward to receiving our items and trying them out. I will be back once they arrive to let you know how our bedroom makeover is doing.


*Competition Entry With Yorkshire Linen*

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