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Today we headed to Everton Two, Liverpool One to take part in Changy's Challenge. Its pretty obvious that the boys are Everton fans so when we found out about the challenge big J couldn't wait. Changy's challenge offered Everton Fans the chance to win some fantastic prizes including hospitality tickets to the Everton v Liverpool derby, a chance to meet the players or even the 3rd Everton shirt that hasn't even been released yet. Being a true fan big J had his eye on the ' meet the players' prize but would have been happy with any of the prizes. Like I always say its the taking part that counts.

When we arrived just on 9am we headed upstairs and was given a Changy's Challenge game card which had clues on were to find pieces of the 3rd Everton kit. There were 3 clues and at each location you were given a sticker, shirt, shorts and socks. Once you had all three you had to head back to the shop to have a free go on the Changy's Challenge tombola.

The first clue we solved took us to the Cavern club were we got our first sticker.

Next we headed to The Radio City Tower to gain our second sticker.

To find the shirt sticker we had to head over to the Albert Dock. If you were the first 25 people back to the shop you were guaranteed Match Day tickets so it was a mad dash to try and find the Toffee Lady.

We found her and got our last sticker. Our game card was complete so it was time to race back and see if we had won Match Day Tickets.

We did it. We won tickets for an Everton home game. Daddy and big J are looking very hot and sweaty here after running around Liverpool City Centre.

Next we all got to have a go on the free tombola to try and win a prize. First Daddy pulled out a ticket and he won an away shirt. Next big J had a turn and won an Everton bundle which included a bag, football and a water bottle. I won one too, we were so happy.

Lastly little J had a go and he pulled out a winning ticket for the Everton 3rd Shirt which doesn't get released till 26th August. Wow. He won it for his big brother who was very very excited.

Little J looking very excited with his Everton Mints

It was lovely to watch people returning to the store and greeted with tickets for the game and a chance to win a prize. We saw people winning Everton bundles and shirts. No one had won the top 3 prizes while we were there and although big J would have loved the 'Meet the Players' prize he was so happy with his goodies.

We got to meet Changy outside and showed off the 3rd shirt.

Little J had a cuddle with Changy too and gave him a high five.

We had a lovely morning doing the Changy Challenge and it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

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  1. Oh wow! That goes to show that these things are worth entering. Well done all and I hope the prizes were enjoyed.


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