Ravensburger Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle Review

Ravensburger Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle
We recently received Ravensburger Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle and we couldn't wait to complete it. This is our third 3D puzzle from the range and probably my favourite so far. I say so far because we are planning to collect them all because not only are they fun to complete but they look amazing and now take pride of place in my living room. The Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle only has 108 pieces so over 100 less than we were used to. I thought the actual statue would be a puzzle but she is a figure, the puzzle makes up the base.
When you start to complete the puzzle it is important to remember that the puzzle is 3D so its obviously different to a normal jigsaw puzzle. Even though the puzzle stands 37cm tall there is no need for any glue. The puzzle pieces use a easy click technology.

Ravensburger Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle
As always the contents are very simple and the instructions included are easy to understand. Each puzzle piece is numbered so you can either complete the puzzle using the picture on the front or follow the numbers on the reverse.

Ravensburger Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle
As we were only creating the base it was lots easier than the other puzzles we have created. Daddy really enjoys making these puzzles so he created this one on his own. We did watch and help him find the numbered pieces.

Ravensburger Statue Of Liberty 3D Puzzle
Once the base was completed it was time to pop on the Statue.

New York is a very special to us as that is were we got married 5 years ago. I remember the day we got on the boat to go and see the Statue Of Liberty, I had no idea how big it was going to be and it was quite overwhelming but beautiful.


What We Liked

Love the actual figure which stands on the base. So pretty.
No need for glue 
The puzzle is really sturdy.

What Could Improve

Nothing, love this puzzle.


Like I said earlier this is definitely my favourite out of the three we have completed. Lots of fun and they look amazing.

To view the Ravensburger 3D puzzles you can visit the website

*we were sent the 3D puzzle in return for a full honest review. All thoughts above are our own*

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