Dylan's Reptile Time

Boy listening to entertainer
I was so lucky this week to be able to see little J take part in a special nursery activity when Dylan's Reptile Time came to visit. It's so nice that little J goes to the nursery that I work in, every day is like 'bring a child to work day' I love watching him play and chat to the other children and seeing him take part in this activity made me smile. Over the years we have had similar visits to the nursery but Dylan's Reptile time is by far my favourite. We placed all the chairs into a semi circle, the children all washed their hands and then they sat down ready to see all the reptiles. Dylan introduced himself and then showed the children the plastic boxes behind him. Each box had a creature inside. I was actually looking forward to this even though I am not the biggest fan of things that crawl.

boy stroking a bearded dragon

boy looking at a bearded dragon
The first animal for us all to see was a bearded dragon. Dylan took it out the box and told the children a little bit about him. Then he walked around all the children while they got the chance to hold or stroke it. Some of the children just wanted to look which was fine but others were happy to see the bearded dragon up close. Little J was happy to give the bearded dragon a little stroke although he didn't want to hold it.

a bearded dragon
Once all the children had seen the bearded dragon, Dylan placed him on the floor. He didn't move very far and when Dylan placed a bug in front of him he didn't want to eat it. Maybe he was too busy looking at the 36 children staring at him.

Next up was a Gopher Snake. He was an orange/yellow colour. He was quite thin but very long. Little J had a quick stroke but was happy when it had passed on.

Dylan popped the snake on the floor and the children were amazed when it slithered along the floor.

A tarantula in a persons palm
Next up was the one I wasn't looking forward to - A Tarantula. I was so surprised that the children will happy to hold the spider in their hands. Little J looked at it but didn't want to hold it.

a blue tongue skink
The Blue Tongue Skink was also very popular with the children. Dylan told us how the skink uses his blue tongue to frighten his enemies.

a blue tongue skink by a boys face
The cheeky Skink tried to lick little J on the nose.

There were lots more animals including a large Toad, Snails and a huge Boa Constrictor. The children just loved it and Dylan managed to keep 36 2/3 year old entertained for over a hour. They all sat lovely and were very excited to see the different animals. Even the children who didn't want to hold or stroke were happy to just look and watch the other children. It was a lovely morning and I know like J liked it because he keeps saying "old shake' which I assume means hold a snake.

Dylan's Reptile Time is available for parties and school visits so I have popped a link below for you to take a look if interested.

Dylan's Reptile Time


  1. Oh wow! How fantastic! What a cool experience for little ones x

  2. What a fab idea, and a good way to help stop children being afraid of these types of animals. I think this would make a wonderful kids birthday party activity :) #myfavourtepost

  3. Wow, what a brilliant experience. J does not look convinced by the skink! #myfavouritepost

  4. I think my girls would have run in the opposite direction so he's very brave! Love the last picture!

  5. Wow, this sounds amazing. I love the look on his face!

  6. What a wonderful experience for the children - although I am terrified of just about everything that slithers or has more legs than me!

  7. Oh wow! What a great experience for them all! I used to work in a nursery where I took mia too!

    Thank you so much for linking up with this weeks #justanotherlinky hope too see you again Sunday!

  8. Eeeek those creatures give me the creeps! So great to get kids into them before they realise how hideous they are ;-) Looks like everyone had a great time. Becky x #ToddlersAndTeens

  9. how lovely that this activity was brought in for them to take part in! .. although he is far braver than me *shudder* i am such a chicken!
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  10. That is one brave little kid you have there. This sounds like a great activity for kids. http://www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk/2015/07/dylans-reptile-time.html

  11. My little ones would love this

  12. This would be fun but I would give the spider a miss.

  13. How wonderful! It's a really good age to be introducing children to creatures like these and foster a positive attitude as well as giving them some great fun.


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