Big J is now a Young Driver At Just 12 Years Old

I had one very excited son on Sunday when he took his first ever driving lesson at just 12 years old. You might be wondering how he is having driving lessons so young, well its thanks to a company called Young Driver and Goodyear Driving Academy who have teamed up to teach children the importance of road safety.
I have heard of Young Driver before and if you have visited The Trafford Centre, Manchester recently you will notice signs for Young Driver in The Great Hall.
I have thought about signing Big J up before for lessons because research shows it is lack of driving experience which causes 1 in 5 newly qualified drivers to crash within their first 6 months.
Thanks to Mumsnet and Young Driver  Big J got the opportunity to have a lesson.
Ok, so I was really nervous because its a big deal getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time, but big J was a natural. No nerves, he was confident and he loved it.

Before big J's lesson we read together a Road Safety Parent Pack which was sent to us in the post although you can access it online too by visiting Young Driver Education - Parent Matters

We both read it together and found it really interesting and for an adult driver it was a great refresher. For me I always worry about road safety when big J is playing out. Even though he is twelve I always make sure before he goes out that I remind him to be careful crossing the roads. There is a section on Rules for Pedestrians and it was shocking to read that on average there were 485 pedestrian casualties every week in the UK in 2013. It was a long time since big J learnt the green cross code so this was a great reminder at just how important it is to take your time while crossing the road.

 Another section was Road Markings and Driving Signs. We travel a lot in the car so I am happy that big J does have some understanding of road signs. Also Car Maintenance is very important and it is always part of our journeys to check the car over before we head off.
Speed Limits is something I am constantly aware of when driving especially with having two children on board. We discussed that driving at or below the speed limit helps to put you in control if something went wrong and we read that over 30,000 accidents in 2013 were a result of speeding.
I would recommend The Goodyear Driving Academy Parent Pack to other parents because for adult drivers it is important to remember the basics of driving and keep yourself refreshed. For young learners it has great tips and games to play in the car to help them learn rules and information.
There is also an online game and quiz which is ideal for 11-14 year olds and it teaches a little more about the Highway Code.

At first it talks you through 24 facts and then proceeds to an online driving game were you control the car with your computer mouse.
Not suitable for mobile devices.
*please make sure if playing you turn off your pop up blocker before you click GO*
We didn't and had to go back to the beginning and click through the 24 facts again.

To play the game and take part in the quiz visit Driving Academy
Big J enjoyed the game and found the controls quite easy. He answered all the questions and at the end he got 22/24 right.

When big J's driving lesson approached he was really excited and couldn't wait to get started. He informed the reception that he had arrived, his name was ticked off and then he waited outside for his instructor to arrive.

His instructor Steve came over and introduced himself and big J got in the car. It was so strange seeing him behind the wheel but he was a natural.
When he was in the car Steve taught big J the cockpit drill. Big J was told the basics of adjusting his seat, fixing his mirrors and making sure he was ready to drive.
Then Steve talked him through the gears and the pedals and it was so strange that after such a short time in the car he was driving.

 He loved it and every time he went past us he gave us a big smile. Big J's lesson was 1 hour and there were other young drivers on the road too just doing 30 minutes. I think the hour was perfect because the instructor seemed to spend more time with Big J and it didn't seemed rushed.

Afterwards big J parked the car and got a stamp on his card to say he has passed Level one. Well Done big J :)
You can learn more about Young Driver, Locations and Prices by visiting their website
He told us he really enjoyed it and cant wait for his next lesson. He was tired afterwards probably due to the concentration needed and he knows now that driving isn't as easy it may look.
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  1. This is a great idea! Do they take 27 year old men who still haven't learnt to drive, lol!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  2. Wow, what an amazing idea! I'm 28 and haven't had a single driving lesson in my life, ha!


    1. It is such an amazing idea. I would recommend it to anyone x

  3. This is a great idea. It teaches them not only about driving but road safety in general. I remember starting my lessons and being so scared of driving! Something like this would have been so handy!


    1. that's what I think is great too Laura, the road safety. its so important and I think young ones forget sometimes just how important it is

  4. awesome!! i can't drive myself and a lot of that is to do with nerves. I wish I'd done this when I was 12 because at that age you're still 'invincible'

    1. I do think the younger you are the more confident you are too. as soon as I was old enough I started driving lessons. I had always wanted to drive

  5. I love this idea, I am a very nervous driver and I think if I was able to do something like this when I was younger it would have boosted my confidence #triedtested

    1. Thanks for popping over. I do think the younger the better its such a great idea.

  6. Wow that's amazing, what a great idea for road awareness. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  7. What a great idea! That looks like a lot of fun while raising road awareness x

  8. Really interesting to see how you got on, we're going in a few weeks and it looks like teen is going to enjoy it! Great review #triedtested

  9. How exciting for him! I bet it will make him more aware of his own road safety 0 thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x

  10. I've read about this before and this is such a great idea.

  11. Old post, I know, but this scheme is a stroke of genius. If it were applied across the population, it should help a lot with making driving seem more like a normal part of life, and less like a special adult experience to throw oneself recklessly into as soon as one turns 17, which should help foster a safer attitude.

    It's great that big J had such a good time, too.


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