Skibz Bib Review

Little J is now cutting his 6th tooth and is dribbling more than ever. Skibz gave us the chance for little J to try out their funky dribble bibs and I love them.

Skibz Khaki Camouflage

Skibz French Stripe

They are so cute and look like a fashion accessory rather than a bib. Little J wore his on a recent visit to the park and another mummy actually commented how cute it was :) I told her this was a Skibz bib and she hadn't heard of them before but will definitely be checking them out now.

Little J's clothes, vest and chest were all dry after wearing his Skibz bib in the park. So pleased as we usually have to change him at least twice before the journey home but no need with his Skibz on

Perfect for catching any extra dribble while playing with big brother.

Each Skibz has a double layer backing to protect your little ones clothes and chest from drool. The logo is on the front of the bib.

I love bandana bibs because they fit lovely around the neck and Skibz have an adjustable popper fastening at the back that ensures it a perfect fit.

Little J has definitely given his Skibz a good workout but every time I wash it, it looks brand new. 

There are so many designs to choose from you will certainly find a Skibz to match any outfit.

To find out more visit Skibz

*we were sent skibz bibs for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*


  1. Oh these are so cute, practical and really stylish - love them! Such a pity my little man doesn't use bibs or skibz anymore

    Laura x

  2. Need these in our house too! Eight tooth is on it's way and all the dribbling is unreal! These look quite stylish too :)

    Fiona @

  3. I never got a chance to get these for my little one but they are cute xx

  4. What a very brilliant idea! Baby bibs is not just for drools or every necessary things that usually do but this is also for fashion. I bet mothers love to see their toddlers roaming around in a place wearing such cute and stylish baby bibs. These kind of baby bibs can aught so much attention. And it is very good because of it's double layer that can protect toddlers from wetness of drooling.


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