Keepsake Box by Freya Design

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My special things keepsake box
I was looking for something special for little J's 1st birthday so I was browsing the internet for ideas. I was hoping to find something special that he could keep. I was reading reviews online about websites and their products and I found Freya Design. When it arrived my dad was here, and when I opened it we were both blown away. It is amazing.

The quality is excellent and is solid wood. I was really impressed by the size of the box too. I will be able to fit lots of keepsakes and memories in here for little J.

The keepsake boxes are all made from solid wood. Freya Design use New Zealand pine and European alder and birch which are all light in weight but robust.

The different types of wood are only sourced from countries where there are strict regulations regarding sustainability.

My special things keepsake box
Wood, textile and other natural materials are used to achieve the unusual 3D designs. All materials are carefully sourced from all around the world and the environment is always the main consideration when making decisions.

My special things keepsake box
The colours on the box are really bold and strong.

Nordic simplicity and the vibrant colours blending in with the natural materials used is very much the trade mark of Freya Design.

All products are painted with non-toxic paints

Freya Design personalised the keepsake box for us which gave it an extra special touch.

Freya Design will carefully laser engrave your chosen text on a wooden plaque to create a wonderful three-dimensional effect making your box into a truly unique gift.

open My special things keepsake box
I love the fact that the inside of box is unpainted and it shows off the true quality of the box.

Photographs and words don't seem enough to show and tell you how truly beautiful the keepsake box is. It really is a 'must see and a must have' product.

There is a variety of boxes to choose from including different sizes and designs. We chose a train design.

A small keepsake box is 27x17x14cm and is currently priced at £29 or £39 with personalisation.

A large keepsake box is 32x25x15cm and is currently priced at £55 or £65 with personalisation.

To find out more or to order please visit Freya Design



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