5 Ways To ‘Seas’ The Day And Be More Eco-Conscious On A Beach Day

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With summer holidays starting or just about to start, we are all planning to spend a bit more time on the beach, soaking in some much needed sun. However, while we are planning to have all this fun, it is still extremely important for us to continue to do our best for the environment and be conscious not to cause further damage while we are at the beach. Here are 5 ways to #SeasTheDay and have an eco-friendly trip.

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Prepacked Meals
According to the Marine Conservation Society, their volunteers who attended the Great British Beach Clean found 385 pieces of litter for every 100 metres of beach on average. Although these numbers were down from 425 in 2020 and 558 in 2019, there is still progress to be made to ensure our beaches are kept clean. 

We might be tempted to get meal deals or even a takeout while we are at the beach, however, with a bit of preplanning, we would be able to pack lunches with reusable tupperware and utensils and leave no wrappers, containers or packaging behind.  

Don’t Feed The Birds
Interacting with wildlife can be a wholesome experience, but it is important to be aware of how our actions may affect these precious and delicate creatures. When we encourage birds to take food from us, it is encouraging unnatural behaviour which could result it them not hunting for food themselves, or be fed with non-nutritious foods. Our foods could also cause birds to get sick, this is why we should try and refrain for sharing our food with the birds, saving more for ourselves! 

This is also a useful tip to keep in mind to make sure you and your family stay safe and don’t get injured by the sharp peck of large seagulls or pelicans. 

Non-Toxic Sunscreen
The blazing hot sun means that we should stay protected and prevent ourselves from getting sunburnt or sun damage. Many of us might not even think twice before reaching for a sunscreen of our choice, but there’s more to consider about your sunscreen especially if you are spending a day at the beach in the waters. 

Ocean-friendly sunscreens are free of chemical ingredients, including oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene, which are known to cause damage or even kill coral reefs in the ocean. By using a sunscreen that isn’t full of harmful chemicals, it can not only protect your skin but the ocean too!

Educate Yourself
There is a huge amount of resources out there for us to try and better understand what we can do to help and protect our oceans. To name a few, there are documentaries like Seaspiracy on Netflix and Oceans by Disney Nature. However, if you are looking for material to help you educate younger ones, Oceans Free Plastics also created quiz and puzzles for a fun and interactive way of learning all about our oceans. Feel free to give these a go:

Choose Sustainable Swimwear 
Being green is a conscious process that might extend to our habits outside of our beach day. It is often recommended for you to wear what you have from your closet, however, should you need to buy a new set of swim costume, why not try and look for a sustainable brand?

Sustainable swimwear are often crafted from recycled fibres, employing circular or zero waste processes. Some of these brands might even be committed to charities and organizations that help improve our oceans. 

With these 5 simple steps you'll be able to #SeasTheDay at the beach, make sure you share any other tips you might have for an eco-friendly visit. Leave us a comment.  

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