5 Essentials To Pack For A Disney Holiday

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When it comes to packing for a Disney holiday your essentials may be suitable footwear, clothes, suncream, passports and money however my packing essential list is completely different. When I pack for Disney there are five essential items I must take on a Disney holiday.

woman wearing a disney loungefly bag

Loungefly Bag
Whenever you go into a Disney park you are most certainly going to spot a Loungefly. If you don't know what a Loungefly is then it is a brand of backpacks, cross body bags, wallets and wristlets. Loungefly have collaborated with brands including Disney, Harry Potter and other TV and Film favourites.

Over the years I have collected lots of Disney Loungefly bags so it actually makes it harder for me to choose just a few to take on each Disney holiday. I will usually try and choose few bags each trip and select clothes to match the bag.

Loungefly bags are a must have for any Disney fans and if you don’t have any with you’ll be sure to pick up one or two whilst at the parks.

Disney Ears
Disney Ears are also an essential for me. Whenever we go to Disney I’m sure to be wearing a pair of ears throughout our trip. There are so many ears to choose from either from Shop Disney or you can visit Etsy or Instagram sellers who can make you custom-made ears which are usually at a cheaper price than those in the parks or shops. 

Wearing ears in Disney really makes you feel part of the magic and they’re not just for grown-ups, you can also get them for little ones.

woman standing under a captain marvel statue

Disney Clothing
I personally don’t need to be in a Disney park to wear Disney clothing, most of my wardrobe is Disney branded however it is nice to wear T-shirts or Disney branded clothes when you're in a Disney park. There are so many shops that offer Disney branded clothes that are easily accessible including your local supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco. Whenever I’m doing my weekly shop I will always head to the clothing section to check out what Disney clothes they have in store that week.

If it's your first trip to a Disney park or a big family holiday you may have seen families wearing personalised T-shirts and personalised hoodies to mark this occasion.

I have also Disney bounded in the past and if you are unfamiliar with Disney bounding it is choosing and wearing an outfit in the colours of one of your favourite characters. For example if Snow White is your favourite character you will want to wear blue, yellow and red outfit. Disney bounding is great for those who want to dress up, as the Disney parks do not allow adults to dress up in Disney dress up costumes so Disney bounding is the next best thing.

Disney Pins
Disney pin trading has been very popular even since big J was little. Collecting Disney pins can be a big part of your Disney holiday experience. There are many ways to collect pins. You can go to the stores and buy them, take pins that you already have or you can approach cast members wearing pin lanyards to trade.

Pin trading is such a fun thing to do and it’s nice to find out the history of some of the pins, as when you trade the cast members will always tell you when and where they got the pin.

character signing at Disneyland Paris

Autograph book
Having an autograph book when you’re in Disney is a must have essential. Over the years we have waited until we’ve got into the parks to buy an autograph book but what we have found is that we usually end up rushing to a store to buy one because we have spotted a character close by. To save this stress and chaos it’s so much easier to purchase an autograph book before you go. You can actually buy official autograph books on Shop Disney however there are other places that you can get Disney branded autograph books too. I would also recommend taking a pen with you as it’s been known for Disney pens to run out quite quickly and you don’t want to get stuck without a pen whilst a character is trying to sign your autograph book.

What are your packing essentials for a Disney holiday? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you are looking forward to. Also if you are looking for more posts about Disney holidays you can check them out visiting our All Things Disney page. 

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