Thought Of The Day | The Past, The Present or The Future?

A long time ago a friend told me that there are three different types of people. A past person, a present person and a future person. When an opportunity crops up for light conversation or general chit chat a ‘past person’ will talk about things that have already happened. Their conversations will start with ‘remember when..’ or ‘ I remember’. They don’t live in the past as such but they do spend an awful lot of time talking about things, people, events that they’ve already experienced. They like to reminisce.

A present person lives in the here and now. They are right in the moment and their conversations and thoughts are based on what’s happening now. They may chat about things happening in the news, books they are reading, current music, what they are cooking for tea tonight. They are enjoying life now and very rarely think of the future

Then there’s a future person. This is me. A future person is constantly talking and planning for the future. Whether it’s a birthday a holiday or even further, retirement ha ha. A future person is a planner, they always have something they want to book or plan way ahead for. It’s hard being a future person because at times I don’t enjoy the present as much as I should because my brain is constantly thinking of other things.

While we were on our recent holiday I cannot count how many times I tried to strike up a conversation with John about booking something for October half term or what our plans for Christmas might be. He is used to me now but I guess it’s frustrating for him because while we are enjoying a holiday we have had booked for months I am thinking about the next holiday.

As a future person I don’t really like ‘stuff’ I would rather spend my time, energy and money creating memories for the kids. John lives for ‘stuff’ and always craves the latest gadgets, entertainment or music. He definitely lives in the present and enjoys taking each day as it comes.

He loves scrolling through social media or news pages looking for the latest news events and I’m usually next to him pricing up a trip to Alton a Towers or Disneyland Paris! I guess opposites do attract!!

What type of person are you?


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  1. What an interesting and useful idea. I've never come across that before. When talking, I'm very much a present person, but the rest of the time, my thoughts are almost all past or future. I guess at least it all evens out!


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