17 Ideas To Keep You Busy In January

January is probably most famous for new starts. New years resolutions are a good way to give yourself a kick up the bum. Whether you want to try a new hobby, lose weight or anything else January is a great starting point as it's the beginning of a whole new year. I am looking forward to keeping busy in January and here are a few ideas. 

Happy New Year
Dry January (1st-31st)
If you are still feeling the effects of your Christmas drinking then you can take part in Dry January. Ditch the hangovers, reduce your waistline and save lots of money too.

Make Some Resolutions (1st-31st)
Are you making any resolutions this year? Now is the time to write them down and start the year fresh.

Start Saving For Christmas (1st-31st)
I know Christmas has just gone but now is the time to start thinking ahead and planning for next Christmas. Check out our Ideas To Help You Save For Christmas post for lots of hints and tips.

cup of tea
Catch Some Extra zzz's (3rd)
Festival of Sleep Day is designed to give everyone some extra shut eye. This is almost near impossible though if you have kids... What's sleep again?

Friday Night is Date Night (5th)
At Christmas time we spend some much time and energy making others happy that sometimes we need to just take a step back. Why not arrange a date night with your partner even if it's just watching a movie or cooking a meal for each other. 

Bye Bye Christmas (6th)
If you follow the 12 days of Christmas then you will be able to take your decorations down on the 6th January. We usually take ours down after New Year so we can start the year fresh.

boys walking
Head Outdoors (6th-7th)
You should try to get outside for some fresh air and exercise before the kids go back to school. There are lots of parks and open spaces for the little ones to burn off some energy. 

Back To Normal (8th)
Over the Christmas holidays there is always that period of time when you actually have no idea what day it is. I love being home with my family over Christmas but I also love that feeling when the kids go back to school and I return to work and we can have some normality and routine again. 

Houseplant Week (8th-14th)
I have never understood houseplants but I know how popular they are and how much people enjoy having them in their home. If you want to start a new house plant collection then you can start today as it's officially Houseplant week. 

Almost Half Way There (13th)
We made it! We are half way through one of the worst months of the year. It's Saturday let's celebrate and maybe order a takeaway. 

holding a cup of tea
Brew Monday (15th)
Staying in touch with family and friends can get you through even the darkest of days. Brew Monday has been created by the Samaritans to encourage people to stay connected even if just virtually. Pop the kettle on and have a cuppa with a friend or family member.

Blue Monday (15th)
The third Monday of January is known as Blue Monday and is supposed to be the most depressing of days when people suffer from post Christmas blues. Why not get in touch with a friend or plan something for yourself and family to keep you busy. 

Winnie The Pooh Day (18th)
Today we appreciate the loveable and huggable bear, Winnie The Pooh. Read one of the many stories of the adventures of Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood or head to Disney+ for lots of bear adventures. 

It's Cold Outside (20th-21st)
Towards the end of January heading in to February it's so cold outside and some places may even have snow. It's natural to want to stay in your PJ's all day in front of the fire watching movies but it's also good to get outdoors. Pop on your coat, hat, scarf and gloves and head out on an adventure this weekend. Being outside in the open air is great not only for your physical health but your mental health too.

Burns Night (25th)
Burns Night marks the anniversary of Robert Burns' birth on 25 January each year. It's celebrated mainly in Scotland but can also be celebrated anywhere.

Pay Day (26th)
For many this will be the first pay day of the year. Will you be saving or spending?

New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions Update (30-31st)
January is done. How did you get on with your resolutions? Now is the time to reflect and see what went well, what didn't and what can you do to improve in February. 

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