Five Gift Ideas For Seven Year Old Girls.

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Little J has made it all the way to year 3 at school without being invited to a girls birthday party. He goes to all the boys parties but never manages to bag an invite to a girls party. When I asked him why he is very honest and says he just doesn't play with them. Being in a house and a family full of boys I would love to go present shopping for a girl for a change so here are some of my favourite gift ideas for seven year old girls
Bath bomb factory
Bath Bomb Factory
There is nothing better than relaxing in the bath with your favourite bath bomb. With The Bath Bomb Factory you can create your own bath bomb using your favourite colour or colours, maybe add sprinkles and choose from three delicious flavour scents strawberry, pineapple and vanilla or add all three together to make tutti frutti. 

The bath bombs are fun and easy to make and will be ready in just 30 minutes. The Bath Bomb Factory is currently priced at £24.95 and is a great gift for creative kids. 
Rock Painting
Hide and Seek Rock Painting
Last year we visited the park and whilst exploring in the woods we found a painted rock. I told little J that we couldn't touch it and that it had been put there by someone for us to enjoy. After that we loved looking and searching for rocks whenever we headed out. This Hide and Seek Rock painting kit is perfect for little artists who would like their masterpieces to be found. 

The Hide and Seek Rock Painting kit is currently priced at £12.99 and includes 6 rocks, 6 paints, 2 fine paintbrushes and a 48 page booklet bursting with ideas for your rock creations. 

100 kids activities - scratch off bucket list
100 Kids Activities - Scratch Off Bucket List
Every six to sevens weeks when half terms arrive and kids are home from school, parents across the UK hear the dreaded words 'Im Bored'. The 100 Kids Activities - Scratch Off Bucket List gives the kids 100 different ideas and activities to do. Every time they complete one of the activities they can scratch it off and it will reveal a pretty picture. 

Currently £12.95 it's the gift that keeps on giving.
I used to love writing stories when I was younger and always had lots of ideas however if you need a little bit of inspiration you can used Imagidice. Imagidice includes 12 dice featuring 72 different pictures which you roll and then use to inspire your story. 

Imagidice is currently priced at £15.95 and features over 10 million different picture combinations. 

Dreams diary

Dreams ans Secrets Lockable Diary
Every young girl loves having their own privacy and somewhere where they can jot down their thoughts and their secrets. The Dreams and Secrets Diary features over 100 colourful pages to write down all your secrets using the ball point pen which smells like candy floss and once you are finished you can secure your secrets under lock and key. 

Currently priced at £8.95 and is perfect for seven year old girls. 

These gifts are not only perfect for birthdays but also Christmas will be here very soon and would make the perfect presents. 



  1. These sound like some awesome gift ideas for seven year olds. Not having kids I always struggle with what's in so thank you!

  2. Some lovely gift ideas here - I love the look of that scratch off bucket list and the lockable diary - I loved my lockable diary when I was younger.

  3. My oldest wasn't much interested in girls until the day he was very interested in girls LOL. You've made some great suggestions, these are things my niece would enjoy.

  4. There are all lovely ideas for 7 year old girls. I think mine would still like the bath bomb maker even though they are older. It looks like fun.

  5. What great gift ideas, I know my Daughter would have loved all of these when she was that age

  6. Oh this is great! I never have any idea of what to get my nieces, my sister just moans they have too much stuff so doesn't really give me many ideas 😂

  7. Some great gift ideas here. I think I’d have chosen the diary when I was young but these days I’d choose a relaxing bath bomb.

  8. Great ideas, the bath bomb factory is my fave

  9. These are all great gifts for a seven year old! I remember having a lockable diary when I was around that age :) I loved it!

  10. These will come in handy next year as my granddaughter is 6

  11. Loving the rock colouring. I bet it can be as complicated as you want it to be too. Some great ideas on here. It’s time to get those Christmas lists I think

  12. Great suggestions! My little girl is 6 and would love all of these lol! I know she would especially love the bath bomb set and the diary though she has both of these on her Christmas list already lol!

  13. These look like great gifts for kids. The bath bomb kit is fab, great that they can make their own bath bombs.

  14. I would have loved that bath bomb kit when I was a girl.

  15. Those are lovely ideas. My neighbours kids are just the right age for these and I know they'd love all of these suggestions!

  16. I love all these ideas here. My daughter would love the bath bomb maker but I love the rock painting set the most.

  17. I have an eight year old daughter and I know she'd be happy with any of these gifts

  18. A highly useful guide - that I wish I'd seen three years ago....

  19. Some fantastic ideas my daughter is now 8 but she would still love all these


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