Park Life

Boy climbing a tree
A much needed trip to the park this weekend to get a little bit of fresh air while it was dry. We headed in to the woods where little J tried to climb every tree possible. We love visiting the park and it's so nice to get away from the 'screens' for an afternoon.

Whilst little J was climbing I loved watching him work out how he was going to get where he wanted to go and also how to get back down. He always challenges himself physically and never gives up. I don't have any balance or co-ordination skills so he must get that from his dad. 

Although it was cold we wrapped up warm and kept moving so we didn't feel it as much. 

Boy on scooter
Little J also brought his scooter.

It's lovely watching little J explore the woods with such enthusiasm. I hope he will always want to put on his wellies and wrap up warm and go on an adventure. He walked, he ran, he scooted and climbed. We spotted rabbits, collected sticks, played pooh sticks in the stream and finished off with an ice cream.

A perfect afternoon.


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