If Injuries In The Movies Where Real?

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It's that time of year when we start writing down all the movies we want to watch before Christmas comes. Every year we try to add at least one new addition however we do have our favourites and Christmas just wouldn't be the same without them. Our favourite family Christmas movie has got to be Home Alone closely followed my Home Alone 2. I don't know why watching Kevin inflict lots of pain on Harry and Marv is Christmassy but it just is and we all belly laugh every time we watch it. 

I actually saw a post just recently on Compare Compensation Claims that talked about movie scenes from some of our favourite movies that involved accidents or injuries. It looked in to how much compensation the character would receive if those accidents were real. 

It actually lists Home Alone as one of the movies and details the injuries that occurred when Harry and Marv break in to Kevin McCallister's home.

The injuries included mild scarring, blowout fracture, severe burns, deep cuts, facial fractures and head injuries. Now when you read the injuries involved those burglars really did have a tough time from Kevin! So based on the injuries that are inflicted throughout the film to the characters they would be expected to receive £114,370 each. 

There are lots of other movie scenarios but the highest paying was from a scene in Mean Girls. i'm sure we have all watched Mean Girls and you will probably guess the scene I am talking about. It's when Regina George gets hit by a bus. Now this injury causes Regina to have a spinal injury that is life changing. If this would happen in real life you could expect to receive £141,150. To be honest this doesn't seem a lot to me but like most I'm still shocked she actually survived such a horrific accident!

There are lots of other movie scenarios which I have attached below for you to browse over. 

Do you know any of the movies or recognise the scenes? Do you think the expected payout for the injuries involved is enough?



  1. I remember watching home alone as a kid and being amazed at the injurys that 2 burglars had to suffer lol

  2. Oh this really made me giggle!

    My son was saying the other day about how much damage was done in home alone and that it is just not realistic!

    Brilliant infographic, and some brilliant film scenes. I’d of thought misery would be a bigger pay out!

  3. Harry Potter and Home Alone are the only ones of those I've seen. But yes, every time I've watched Home Alone I have wondered about all those injuries!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so interesting. We love Home Alone and watch it and laugh hard each time, the bit when he steps on the nail still makes me cringe.

  5. Haha this made me laugh because I always think wow how many injuries in Home Alone!! But on s serious note they would get a huge payout wouldn't they?

    Laura x


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