Top 9 Things To Do At Coral Island, Blackpool

Disclosure - We were invited to Coral Island as VIP guests. We were given money towards our trip as well as a VIP pass. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Visiting Blackpool is something we have been doing as a family for years. It's one of our favourite days out no matter the weather. Our day using starts and ends at Coral Island as there is so much to see and do and it's the perfect place to visit on a family day out in Blackpool.

Coral Island is the largest free admission attraction in Blackpool featuring games, rides, restaurants, camel derby, Over 18 casino games and family prize bingo. Here's are top things to do at Coral Island.

2p Machines
There is a large range of machines at Coral Island but little J's favourites were the 2p machines. We gave him a tub full of 2p's and he really enjoyed watching his two pence make its way down the machine. He got so excited when his 2p knocked a load off the edge.

Try To Win Tickets
Most of the machines at Coral Island offer you the chance to win tickets. If you are lucky enough to win tickets you can feed them all in to the ticket eater and collect your voucher for the amount of tickets you have won. Pop to the prize shop and swap your ticket voucher for some goodies.

Camel Derby
This game is called so many different names, Arabian Derby, Donkey Derby or Camel Derby as it is called in Coral Island. The game is simple you get 3 balls and you have to roll the balls into the holes to get points. Each hole is worth either 1, 2 or 3 points. Your camel will move the amount spaces depending on which hole your ball rolls in too. If you are the first to finish you win a prize. When we played all 19 spaces were full. We had 15 games between us but didn't manage a win. The staff member on the game let little J choose a prize for trying which was really lovely of him.

 Prize Bingo
 This is my favourite game. Pop in £1 and you will get 100 credits. Each board costs 10 credits and the screen has 6 boards to play. if you want to play all boards this will cost you 60p. It is really easy to play as the numbers will mark off automatically for you so perfect for all the family. The number of players taking part determine the size of the prize available. For the games we played the winner got 150 points. We won a few times and where able to redeem our points for a Toy Story Forky Teddy. Little J was thrilled.

Play On The Arcade Machines
There are so many arcade games to choose from at Coral Island. Both John and little J love playing on the games and this VR game caught their eye. 

 Take A Ride
There are two rides to enjoy at Coral Island, the Ghost Train and The Pirate Flyer. Little J did not want to ride the Ghost train however he loved The Pirate Flyer. The ride takes you high in the air above Coral Island giving you great views of everything there is to do. If you sit in the front of the pirate flyer you get a pretend gun so you can shoot those down below. 

Let Zoltar Speak Your Fortune
I was so excited when I saw the Zoltar machine and for those that have seen the Tom Hanks movie BIG you will know why. The Zoltar machine speaks your fortune and then will pop out a card so you can read it yourself. Our fortune told us to choose our friends carefully and happiness is in our future.

Enjoy Some Food
There are a few dining options at Coral Island and all offer Kids Eat Free. We dined at The Buccaneer  and the food was delicious. There was a large range of starters, mains and desserts with the children having their own menu.

Starters included garlic bread, nachos and garlic mushrooms. Mains included burgers, curry and chicken, and desserts included a choice of ice cream type desserts and cakes.

There is an option to dine inside or outside on decking overlooking the amusements. Inside there are large TV screens and a bar area.

We ordered starters, mains and desserts however we decided to cancel our desserts after our mains. It took over 30 minutes for our starters and almost 75 minutes for our mains to arrive. Unfortunately by this time little J was becoming restless and wanted to head back out to the amusements. It was such a shame however it was a busy Saturday night.

Have Fun
Make sure you plan lots of time to spend here as you will need it with the amount of things to see and do. I can promise you that you will have lots of fun at Coral Island.



  1. Looks like really good fun. We've been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and had fun, so I'd be up for going again.

  2. It looks like you had such a great trip. We went a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it! x

  3. Margaret Gallagher3 July 2019 at 14:15

    Always so much fun - Guarenteed fun

  4. Well this sounds great. We live close to Blackpool and have visited some amusements but not been to Coral Island yet. I bet Sylvia would love it.

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  6. It looks like you had a great day out and Coral Island looks like a fabulous family friendly attraction. Love how little J looks so happy with his prizes.

  7. We missed Zoltar during our trip - good reason to pop back!

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  17. My son would have thought he was in Seventh Heaven if he had had chance to spend time here when he was a young boy. My Grandson is a little too young but his chance will come!

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