The App Map Of Britain

29 June 2017

We all use apps every day.  Lots of apps, on lots of different devices doing lots of different things. Carphone Warehouse have compiled an app map of Great Britain, shortlisting the most used apps in 2016 with lots of different variables from location, age, sex, earnings and lots of others including the top used apps in the entire British Isles. 

The map really does give an interesting insight into the usage of apps and shows how many of the 2 million plus apps that are available on the App Store and for Android are actually used. I wasn't hugely surprised by the top 10 overall, but once you add the extra dimension of location or age the results really did surprise me. 

Once you get past the most popular apps women are drawn to these type of apps.

Time Hop
Good Reads 
and Etsy

And men are choosing

Wifi Analyser
Lastpass Premium
Fast Connect
Flightradar24 Pro

Thinking about our family and the apps that we use regularly wasn't something I had really considered before so I thought I would look at a top 3 for each of us - starting with the youngest 

Little J - Age 4 

Number  3 -  SUP  - a little known racing game that he came across on the app store - its nice and straight forward with a button for change lane and a button for boost. He really seems to enjoy it even when he comes last! 

Number  2 - Spotify- okay now this isn't actually Little J's app but he likes to pinch mums phone and choose what he wants to listen to - currently most Top 40 tracks but I think his favourite at the moment is Liam Payne. 

Number  1 - Youtube Kids - He loves to watch videos of other children playing with toys - amazing really given that he could just play with them himself! 

Big J - Age 15

Number 3 - Youtube - Big J always seems to have 'some videos to watch'  - usually a youtuber talking about Fifa on Xbox, or watching some famous 'fails' - anything that makes him laugh really and there is always something that gets him laughing out loud!

Number 2 - Instagram - Now I don't really understand Instagram - probably an age thing - have a look at the survey!  However, Big J seems to use it as his primary messaging app for his friends - communication with pictures and videos - strange!!

Number 1 - Spotify - I don't think Big J could live without his music. He is permanently attached to his headphones and listens to many different different genres - he loves music and this would definitely be the first app he installed if he had to get a new phone. 

Mummy - Age 37

Number 3    Facebook - The Number one app in the UK according to the carphone warehouse survey only at number 3 for Mummy who uses this every day for gossip, speaking to friends, news - well anything really - oh an posting memes of course doesn't everyone do that? 

Number 2    Checkout Smart - A Cashback app.  This is a great app that offers cashback on shopping, with some items at 100% cashback. Mummy loves a bargain and a freebie even more so this app gets opened, refreshed, opened, refreshed, taken to Asda and then refreshed again several times a day. 

Number 1    Twitter - Mummy loves Twitter, i think for stalking celebs, Mummy would say for keeping up with the gossip and news from all around the world!  Interestingly twitter only comes in 7th in the UK according to the survey - I would have thought it would be higher. 

Daddy - Age 40

Number 3 - Spotify - Like all of us, I love music and have only recently started using Spotify on the family subscription. Previously I would be buying physical CD's, then moved to digital and finally to the world of streaming, The content on Spotify really is amazing. 

Number 2 - Twitter - Surprising myself - I do find myself opening twitter every day - I dont necessarily 'tweet' too much, but I do like to follow the sports news, the world news and the technology community, whether that be rumoured products, the latest Xbox trailers or the latest phone 'leaked pictures' - there's so much to see! 

Number 1 - The Gmail app - Now I didn't think that this would be in any top 10 in any category, however I was wrong - its actually the 6th highest used app in Great Britian in 2016.  I like to communicate by email - maybe that's due to my lack of understanding of Instagram or Snapchat, but I like it and that's what matter. I have my 3 email accounts linked into the app and can see whats coming in whenever I want! 

It really is an interesting exercise to have a look at the apps you use the most and compare it to the survey - there are some there, even in the top 10, that I hadn't even heard of - and will be having a look at so its well worth a look.  I wonder how different the survey for 2017 will look.



  1. I don't know what I would do without my apps. They are almost an essential part of life these days

  2. Spotify, Instagram and Facebook
    For me! X

  3. Very interesting! I expect Youtube would be my most-used.


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