Paw Patrol Jumbling Tower Review

Little J absolutely loves Paw Patrol and because of his increasing love of games I knew he would like the Paw Patrol Jumbling Tower game by Spinmaster. When it arrived I realised the game was just like Jenga, a game I just love. If you have never played it before you really are missing out. 
The idea of the game is you build a tower using all the bricks. You stack them in three's using one of each of the three colours. 

Each colour has a different member of the Paw Patrol on each side. As a Paw Patrol fan myself I found it easy to work out which puppy was on each block. Blue has Marshall on one side and Chase on the other. Red has Rubble and Rocky and Yellow has Zuma and Skye. The dice also has a colour on each side.

How to Play

It's very simple, once you have built the tower each player takes it in turns to roll the dice and whatever colour they land on that is the colour of the brick they must remove from the tower and place on top. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well it is but as more and more bricks are removed the more wobbly the tower becomes until . . . .

It falls down. 

I have to admit the falling down is the best part because you just never know when its going to happen. Little J jumps every time. 

Once finished playing little J found lots of other uses for the bricks including building a road for his cars. 


What We Loved

It's Paw Patrol and we LOVE Paw Patrol

Simple instructions

Easy to play

Fun for everyone

Bricks are colourful and if wanted can be used for other games. 

What Could Improve

Nothing, we love it.


You can purchase Paw Patrol Jumbling Tower from most good toy shops or online at Amazon


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  1. This looks great, all 3 of my children (aged 22 months-5years) love Paw Patrol!


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