Paw Patrol Weebles Pull & Play Seal Island Playset Review

23 August 2016

When we heard Paw Patrol were adding to the Weebles collection we knew little J would be very excited. We are huge fans of Weebles and have reviewed a few of the playsets on Mummy 2 Monkeys already. Little J absolutely loves Paw Patrol so we looking forward to receiving the Paw Patrol Weebles Pull and Play Seal Island Playset and Weebles figures.

On a recent shopping trip we actually spotted the Paw Patrol set and little J was eager to play with it. So when it arrived at home he was very excited.

The Pull and Play Seal Island Playset has lots of features to play with and little J noticed straight away that Marshall was included. Little Paw Patrol fans will know that Marshall is great at putting out fires so he will be ready if an emergency strikes.

We also received two extra Paw Patrol Weebles Rubble and Skye. These are two of little J's favourites so he was very happy. Rubble is great for digging up and Skye is perfect for an emergency in the air as she has wings. 

First of all little J put Marshall on the swing, You press the lever on the side to make the swing move.

Skye and Marshall hopped on the tug boat ready to be pulled back to the mainland.

Little J pressed Wally the Seal's head down and the boat started to move back towards the island.

There is a rock and wobble path that leads down to the jetty.

There is also a lookout tower so that Skye can watch over the ocean ready for the next rescue. 

The Paw Patrol Pull and Play Seal Island Playset is a lovely addition to the new look Weebles range, perfect for the younger generation. 


What We Loved

Little J loves Paw Patrol so this is a great addition to his Weebles collection

Colourful and fun

Lots of features to play with 

Easy to use, no setup required

Includes Marshall

Additional figures available to buy

What Could Improve

Nothing, we love it.


The Paw Patrol Weebles Pull and Play Seal Island Playset is currently priced at £29.99 and each additional Paw Patrol Weeble is currently priced at £4.99. You can view the range by visiting 
You can view our unboxing video below

*we received The Paw Patrol Weebles Pull and Play Seal Island Playset for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*


  1. Looks fab, weebles are a classic, I remember the original ones from when I was little. I have a two year old that would love this...infact I am getting shouted at to find them in the Argos book as we speak haha...:) x

  2. This looks great. My daughters would love it as they are huge Paw Patrol fans, but I don't think they have discovered weebles yet

  3. My little lad would love this thanks for the review


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