Reasons To Stay In A Villa With The Kids

For people who love to travel these past few years have been a nightmare as due to the restrictions we have not been able to travel as much. We were hoping to maybe get away on a two week Summer holiday this year however that didn't happen although we did enjoy 4 nights in Disneyland Paris instead.  I have been thinking about next year and trying to get some ideas for where and when we would like to get away. As there is still a lot of uncertainty in the world I have been swaying more towards a villa holiday rather than a hotel or apartments and have jotted down a few ideas for planning a villa holiday with the kids. One of our favourite places we have ever visited is Cyprus. We stayed in a holiday village in Cyprus and it was a lovely country to visit. It was very clean, lots to explore and the locals were so friendly. I've been looking at a private villa in Cyprus in a similar area to where we stayed and it looks like an option for us next year. 

view of the pool

Why We Want To Stay At A Villa With The Kids

It's A Home From Home
A villa has all the facilities you need when travelling with younger children. We don't travel light, and last time we went abroad we took so many clothes to last us the fortnight. Having a washing machine in the villa means we can take half the amount and just wash while we are there. Having a fridge too is a must especially keeping the drinks cold throughout the day.

No Distractions
We have been on many holidays over the years where the entertainment staff have literally dragged us off our sun loungers to join in with the daytime activities. I love daytime entertainment but sometimes you just want to chill out and not be pestered by reps to join in with activities happening around the pool or grounds.

No Kids Clubs. 
Little J has never shown any interest in attending kids clubs. He would rather play in the pool and spend time with his older brother.  

No Restrictions.
The last few times we have been abroad on holiday we stayed have stayed in an all inclusive resort. This always sounds like a great idea for us especially when it come to being able to get drinks, snacks and ice cream whenever we want however it becomes very restrictive at meal times. We  have felt that we couldn't venture too far as we would miss lunch or dinner time. Also it meant we didn't visit local restaurants either. 

Chill time. 
We all love our chill time. Whether it's reading, watching some TV, playing games on iPads or just watching the world go by. It will be nice to have some chill time of an evening on our own private balcony.

Free Wifi
Even though we are on holiday, free wifi is a must. I like to stay connected to the outside world and the boys would be lost with their daily dose of you tube or games on their devices. 

Full UK TV, Sky Channels and DVD/CD Player
We are not ones for staying out late drinking and partying. After a lovely day by the pool or exploring the resort I can't think of anything better than a DVD and a cup of tea.

Private Pool
The boys love the water and knowing we would have our own private pool is a definite plus for us. There is nothing worse than having to get up every day at dawn to place your towels on the sun loungers so you can enjoy a day by the pool. 

We have always found choosing a holiday really hard. In fact it takes us weeks and weeks just to decide on where to go then another few weeks looking at accommodation. Although after thinking about it we are almost certain a villa is for us next year.

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