Teletubbies Toys Review

11 January 2016

You may have read last week that a very special and exciting box turned up. Inside was a selection of the new Teletubbies toys range and we were chosen to try them out. Teletubbies was such a big part of big J life when he was growing up and I am so pleased they are back now that little J is a toddler. When it came to opening the box we were so excited to find out what was inside. Little J was jumping around when he saw all the coloured tissue paper inside the box, it was like Christmas.

Inside the beautiful and very colourful tissue paper were 6 Teletubbies toys for little J. He was so pleased when he saw Po, she is his favourite.

So What Toys Did We Get?

Teletubbies Tickle And Giggle Po

Tickle and Giggle Po is very cute and likes to be tickled. She is made from supersoft plush and when you tickle her tummy she will giggle and say "eh-oh" "Big Hugs" "Po" "Again Again"

Little J loves interactive toys and really enjoys tickling her tummy. Little J also enjoys pushing her around in the pram too.

Teletubbies Supersoft Plush

Dipsy and Laa Laa are supersoft plushes. They are a perfect size for little J to hold and cuddle. He likes to take them to bed and they are perfect for snuggles.

Dipsy and Laa Laa are regulars at our carpet picnics and we play a game were they can only eat pretend food that matches their colours. Dipsy enjoys green pears and Laa Laa likes yellow lemons.

Teletubbies Talking Po Soft Toy

This is probably little J's favourite toy out of the plushes. Talking Po is again made of a supersoft plush. 

Press her tummy and she will say a variety of phrases including

"Eh Oh"
 "Again, Again"
"Big Hugs"
"Hooray, Hooray, Hooray"
 "ooh," followed by a giggle 
"Very Happy"

Tubby Phone

A cute phone with just 4 coloured buttons representing each of the Teletubbies. Press the colour of your choice and the Teletubbie will come on the mirrored screen. Press it once and a voice will say "Hello (name of teletubbie chosen)" press again and the voice will say "Hello Teletubbies" press a third time and it will say "Tubby Phone Party" and play a song. Unfortunately all four buttons do and say exactly the same.

Little J seems to like chatting away to the Teletubbies.

Tinky Winky Figure

We haven't found a home for our Tinky Winky figure just yet as we are hoping little J will be a good boy over the next few months and maybe he will get the Teletubbies Superdome for his birthday and also some more figures. 


What We Loved

All the plushes are so soft and cuddly. 


The velcro back fastening on Talking Po is really tight which is perfect as Po needs the little watch type battery to work. I don't usually like toys with these type of batteries but you need a screwdriver to open the compartment. 

Tickle and Giggle Po has an on/off switch which is perfect as she can randomly chat away even when you don't touch her. 

Tubby Phone is a perfect size for little hands. 4 simple buttons makes it a great pick up and play toy.

What Could Improve

The faces on the two Po's are made of a velour type material and everything sticks to them which makes there appearance look a little old even though they are not. I used sellotape to get off bits of fluff which had stuck to them.

The velcro back fastening on Tickle and Giggle Po isn't as tight as Talking Po so it gapes open a little. 

The Tubby Phone is great but it is a little annoying that each button says exactly the same phrases except for the Teletubbies name.


I have popped down the RRP of the toys above for you but the full range will be available to see over at Character Toys

Tickle and Giggle Po - RRP £19.99
Talking Po - RRP £9.99
Supersoft Plush - RRP £6.99
Tubby Phone - RRP £9.99
Figure - £3.99

As you can see little J was thrilled with all his new Teletubbies toys and I know our collection will grow over the next few months. I am going to dig out all of big J's old Teletubbies toys as we had the dome, a Noo Noo and all the talking Teletubbies too. Little J will love them. 


  1. Wow I can't believe how cheap these teletubbies are. My sister has all of these at home!

  2. I didn't know the Teletubbies were back! Looks like your little boy loved them.

  3. Oh my goodness! Teletubies!! My children use to LOVE them when they were toddlers. I can't believe they're still going. I love all the tubby tys but the phone sounds great, would make a lovely gift my nieces 2nd Birthday :) I love the Po plush, so cute. xx

  4. This looks fab! Teletubbies are making a real come back and I think the toys are going to do really well again!

  5. I used to love teletubbies when I was a kid and glad to see these and how cute are they and so affordable.

  6. Oh I haven't heard about Teletubbies for ages - they passed my daughter by entirely. But looks like yours loved these, what a great set to play with.

  7. It is so funny seeing the Teletubbies again - my eldest adored them first time round about 18 years ago!! Kaz x

  8. These all sound like great toys, I can't believe it is coming back to the TV!! I especially like the phone, Monkey loves anything that sounds interactive and although I agree it would be better if they said different things I think he would still enjoy it. Great review thank you x

  9. Oh my days my son would love these! he's 20 months and never shown any interest in TV at all until he caught the Teletubbies and now it's the only thing which allows me to get dressed in the morning in peace! It's ironic as my eldest son (who is 15) loved the show as well so I'm so happy to see it back on the screen. great review and thanks so much to sharing what's available to buy.

  10. I love that these are back, Poh was always my favourite, Tinky Winky always weirded me out with that handbag x

  11. Glad they are having a revival
    Still have a few from when my neices were young not seen the teletubbie phone before I know my nephew would love this
    Thanks for the review

  12. These have been around for some years now


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