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1 September 2015

I have never considered airport parking before as both of the airports we use are within driving distance. We usually get a lift to and from from airport so it wasn't something I thought would be worth paying for. We were recently asked to review BookFHR, which offers affordable airport hotel and airport parking.

After checking out the website we decided we would give airport parking a try for our Summer holiday to Cyprus.

The website was really easy to navigate. Once we had decided that we wanted parking we clicked the airport parking tab. This brought up a handful of the most popular airports with the option to view all. We chose Manchester and this brought up a screen asking us for some information. We chose the date we wanted to fly and the time we would like to drop off the car. We then popped in our return date and landing time.

Heading towards T1 & T3

Once loaded there was approx 20 options to choose from. You could sort by choosing name, price or customer rating.

At this point it is helpful to have your flight details to hand as there may be multiple terminals at your chosen airport. Manchester has 3 terminals so we wanted a car park close to the terminal we were flying from.

Amongst the selection there was meet and greet, off site parking, long stay and park and ride. We chose a park and ride car park as it was the closest to our terminal and it was long stay.

5 mins to terminal

Keep your keys

Free transfers all terminals 24hrs

Patrolled, fenced, security lighting

Holder of the Park Mark Award for Security

Long Stay - terminal 1 & 3 has been rated 4.5 by 111 previous customers

Once we had decided on the car park we had to ring up but if you are booking you can do it online. It seems very simple and easy.

On the day of travel we had a 2pm flight so we arrived at the airport around 11:30am. We approached   the barrier and the camera recognised our registration plate and we were given a token. The actual carpark was not what I expected. There was hundreds of cars parked everywhere on a huge piece of land. It took a good 20/30 minutes to find a car parking space so please do keep that in mind before you travel.

There were different coloured zones and each zone was numbered which helps you find your car on the way back. We boarded the bus using one of the bus stops located around the car park. It was a 5 minute bus ride to our terminal and we had no problems boarding the bus as there was plenty of room for luggage.

On our return which was supposed to be 2am but due to delays we got to the car park after 4am the bus came very quickly and dropped us right by our car which was perfect.

It would have cost £99 for us to park at the airport for the two weeks we were away. Like I said earlier we do usually get a lift from family. If we were to pay for a taxi it would have easily cost £40 each way so for the extra few pounds it would be worth it knowing that you don't have to worry about anyone waiting for you.

I am so glad that on this occasion we had the parking. As we had a night flight with a 2 hour delay I would have felt so guilty for the person who had came to pick us up. 

We would definitely use BookFHR again as it was simple and easy to navigate. You can find out more by visiting BookFHR.

Have you used airport parking before? What did you think?

*We received a discount voucher for BookFHR in return for a full honest review. Thoughts and Opinions above are our own*


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  2. I have never used airport parking before so this is great to know about. Very informative post and of course with a night flight and two hour delay I am sure it was worth it. I think what is great about airport parking is being able to get into your car in return x

  3. Sometimes it is so much easier to have your car at the end isn't it, when you can just fall into it and get on home after a flight. Looks like it worked out well for you guys.

  4. I love using airport parking and find it much more convenient than a train or bus (Oxford isn't well located for airports!). It definitely sounds like a good idea to use an airport parking company especially when landing in the middle of the night - as you say, kind of awkward asking someone to come and collect! And it's good to know your card is right there waiting for you after a plane journey.

  5. We have only ever used airport parking once on all our family trips just like you we live within driving distance so makes sense to grab a bus or cab. Great review

  6. I may check this website out for our holiday next year. We usually get hotel and parking together though as its easier to park at the hotel and leave your car so there is no moving about. We usually fly from Gatwick and are doing so next year at 0810 in the morning so an overnight stop is a must for us.

  7. It is good that they were so prompt. The last thing you need at that time in the morning is delays and having to hang around x

  8. Oh wow, Manchester airport must be huge! The airports in Ireland aren't so big. 30 minutes to find a parking spot would be very nerve wracking if you didn't allow for that extra time. Great to have a website that makes booking your parking space so easy! x

  9. Meet and greet is my new best friend. The ease and convience was brilliant especially when flying long haul.

  10. We are lucky to have a very small airport and only have 2 choices for parking...concourse or longstay, both very small but quite affordable. Anytime we go to a bigger airport, we always book in advance!

  11. This sounds like it offers great peace of mind. It would be great - especially when you have had a long journey back!


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