Half Term Fun

I love it when the kids are off school. I was really looking forward to spending time with big J and heading out for some family days out. We have all been full of cold recently and unfortunately it didn't miraculously disappear last week while we were off work and school but we made the most of it.

On Monday we headed off to the Albert Dock for a ride on the Wheel of Liverpool. We have been on the wheel before. Its been a few years and little J hadn't been on it so I was unsure if he would like it. 
We had a look on the internet first to see if there were any offers on and there was a voucher for 25% off which came in handy and took the cost down to £19 for the four of us. 

The Wheel is just by the Liverpool Echo Arena and looks over the Albert Dock and the River Mersey. It was clear but the time we got on the wheel so we had a nice view out. 

On the first turn it stays at the top for a little while and then after that it goes straight round. Five times in total I think. Daddy doesn't really like heights and I was a little worried that one of the doors didn't look properly shut but it was fun and the boys enjoyed it.

We managed to get a pod to ourselves which was good as little J kept switching sides so was up and down a lot

After we had been on the Wheel we headed over to Costa for a nice lunch.


Midweek we headed to up to Blackpool. We had a few things planned and were all indoors so it didn't matter if it was raining today but I'm glad to say it did stay nice and dry.

First of all both monkeys fell asleep on the way there. It made me giggle when I saw them both. We had only been in the car five minutes before big J was snoring. Little J managed about 20 minutes before he was snoozing too.

After there little nap we had arrived and our first stop was Sandcastle Waterpark. We have been to the sandcastle before but again before little J was born. Both boys love the water and big J loves all the slides so I knew it would be a fun day.

When we arrived the queue was huge. We had tickets so we were shown inside through a side door and within minutes we were in the changing rooms. I hate swimming baths changing rooms. They always smell funny and you never know what you are standing in so I always take my shoes off at the very last minute. I have to say considering how busy the changing rooms were they were very clean. I saw at least three staff cleaning the floors while we were there which was nice because they can get very mucky.

There were female, male and family and they all linked towards the lockers. We chose a family changing room and again considering how busy it was we didn't have to wait. 

We paid for an electronic locker which was slightly larger than the regular lockers. £3 deposit which was returned at the end of your visit. Normal lockers are available for 50p I think, I am not sure whether that is returned at the end or not.

*photograph credit - Sandcastle Waterpark*

The waterpark itself was very very busy and the queues for the slides were huge. Big J queued for almost 30 minutes for the sidewinder ride and that was only for a rubber ring. He then had to take the ring up the stairs and join another queue.

While he was queueing little J was enjoying paddling in the shallow end of the pool and swapping from one side to another.

Big J loved the sidewinder ride. and was eyeing up the next slide. First though he played with little J in the pool. After a hour of so I could see little J was a little tired so I decided to take him out and let Daddy and big J hit the slides

We got back to the changing rooms and to dressed and then headed back into the waterpark to take a seat and have something to eat.

I was a little disappointed that after walking round for almost 15 minutes there was no where to sit. Not one free table. There is maintenance on some of the seating area by the snack bar but all the other seats were empty but had peoples towels on them. I don't think that is fair and it felt like being on holiday when you have to fight for a sun lounger in the morning. It was clear that no one was sat there, the towels were dry

In the end we gave up and decided to go for a walk instead. On the way out just by the main entrance there was another snack bar and some sofas so we manage to sit there and grab a bite to eat. I had my iPad with me so little J chilled on that and made use of the free wifi.

After a while Daddy and big J returned and they had only managed two slides in just over 1 hour and a half. They did manage to try out Aztec Falls which was a new ride. They loved it. Very fast and dark. We have promised big J that we will return another time on a less busier day so he can enjoy the slides although I think it will be busy all the time as it seems very very popular.

Overall the seating situation was a nightmare and I do think there should be a policy to remove towels if no one is sitting there. There was so many people standing up, with babies and children because they couldn't get a seat. Like I said above it was very clean and for me personally that was a big thumbs up as I felt comfortable walking round without my shoes on. The slides they went on, they loved. Big J's favourite was Aztec Falls and Daddy like the duelling dragons. There was plenty for little J to do too. 

Both boys had a great time and we will definitely be returning again. 

What did you get up to in Half Term?

*we were invited to the sandcastle waterpark, all thoughts opinions and photographs are our own unless stated*

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