Free Shopping Using Cashback Apps

7 July 2014

food shopping that was free using cashback apps
I like to think I'm quite savvy when it comes to shopping. It's very rare we will go food shopping without it being planned beforehand. There are so many ways to save money on your weekly shop and if you give it a little thought you can save a lot. 
I'm just getting used to apps called Checkout Smart and Shopmium and this week I managed to grab some free food just by planning.
Checkout Smart, Click Snap and Shopmium give out cashback when you buy certain products in certain shops.
I did a little research and I found Checkout Smart were offering 100% cashback on some items.
Birdseye Chicken Inspirations
Birdseye Fish inspirations
Sea brook 6pk of crinkle cut crisps
Also £1 back when you buy Sea Brook Lattice Crisps which were only £1 in Asda, and 40p chocolate digestives which were also a £1
So off I went to Asda to pick up my goodies. Everything was in stock which was good. I bought and paid and came home with my goodies. I uploaded a photo of my receipt to the app and within 5 days my spend was refunded into my paypal account.  
Also Asda do an Asda Price promise if you can buy the shopping elsewhere for cheaper they refund you plus because they were not the cheapest option 10% on top.
My shopping would have been cheaper in Sainsbury's so Asda gave me an Asda Price Guarantee for £1.31. So I was actually paid to take this away.

Do you use cashback apps or websites? What's been your biggest bargain?



  1. Oh, this is interesting! Not something I've come across before... I wonder if the US has similar apps?!

  2. Im on the app store as we speak looking for it, free shipping is always good in my books. We are moving into our new home so and my budget is going to be majorly tight so every little will help!
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  3. I've had a little go of shopitize before but not properly. I think i'll have to have another go at free shopping :D
    popping over from x

  4. Ohh checkout smart sounds interesting. You have to have quite a bt of time to do the research I assume but sounds as if it can pay off. Mich x

  5. Very interesting! I'm far too lazy to do things like this! I know I could save money but It just seems so time consuming x

  6. Blimey that's good going. I am an avid bargain hunter and user of money off vouchers but never tried any apps to help me with shopping. When I get the time I think I might have to look into it! I do use Quidco for online shopping and we have got quite a bit of money back from that over the years.

  7. Love a bargin, I've just downloaded Checkout Smart so fingers crossed a few extra pennies will be rolling in :)


    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  8. I've never heard of these. I must get back to checking out topcashback - although it's rare that anything that's on the cashback list is anything I'd actually buy!


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