Saturday, 2 September 2017

Review & Giveaway - Gassy The Cow From Drumond Park

Last month we received a very exciting delivery from Drumond Park, inside was Gassy The Cow. If you have little ones that watch the TV you will have probably seen Gassy already as it is always on the adverts and little J always says "I want that". I suppose its very appealing to children given the fact that Gassy trumps and poo's . . . a lot. 

Gassy The Cow is very simple to play and is perfect for children aged 4+. Little J is 4 and understood the rules very quickly.

Inside the box you will find Gassy the Cow, 4 pairs of colourful welly boots, a spinner and lots of poo counters, wee counters and also a mega poo.

Playing the game is simple. Each player chooses a welly boot. You then take it in turns to spin the spinner. If it lands on a colour, the play with the matching welly boot has to pop their wellies under Gassy's bum and lift up her tail.

Gassy will do one of 4 things. She will either trump, poo, wee or do a mega poo.

If Gassy trumps, nothing happens play just carries on clockwise. If she poo's you need to pop the poo on your welly boot.

If Gassy wee's you have to do one of the following ... if you have a poo on your boot already the wee washes away the poo and you can put the wee and poo back in the pile. 

If there is no poo on your boot, nothing happens you just return the wee to the pile.

If you manage to get two poo's on your wellies you lose and are out of the game.

If Gassy does a mega poo you are out of the game instantly.

The winner of the game is the person with the pair of wellies left standing when all the other players are out.

Little J absolutely loves playing Gassy The Cow. Setup is quick, it's easy to play and no matter how many times you hear Gassy trump, little J still laughs. 

To find out more visit Drumond Park. Gassy The Cow is available from most good toy and game retailers or online

If you would like the chance to win Gassy The Cow (rap £24.99) you can enter my giveaway below and remember to pop back daily for bonus entries via Twitter.

Good Luck



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The Prize : Gassy The Cow


  1. So cute and looks like lots of fun :)

  2. a game about farting lol - the kids will LOVE it xx

  3. Hahaaaaa!!! My bestie is obsessed with cows - this is amazing!

  4. My children like playing snakes and ladders

  5. Junior Scrabble and Monopoly.

  6. At the moment my son loves Pig Goes Pop. I like the look of this game & think my son would too x

  7. a game the whole family can play monopaly

  8. What is your little one's favourite game? . . . . Twister

  9. i think this game looks like fun!

  10. Would love to win - thank you x

  11. My son loves playing Og on the Bog!

  12. The favourite game is probably going to be this one!

  13. My sons love the Orchard Toys games like Shopping List and Dotty Dinosaurs.x

  14. Snakes and ladders.

    Rachel Craig

  15. Myself and my little boy absolutely love playing Monopoly (the childrens version) great fun and doesn't take nearly as long to play as the adult version!

  16. no page found, but her fave game is Hide and Seek!

  17. Drumond Park's 'SSHH! Don`t Wake Dad!' is his fave at the minute. It just cracks him up every single time we play. x

  18. I don't have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

  19. My son loves playing Monopoly Jr. :)

  20. Animal dominoes is a favourite!

  21. The youngest enjoys retrieving the old Snakes and Ladders game and playing with her siblings as it is a game of luck so she wins just as often as they do.

  22. My son's favourite game is frustration.. its one of them games we love playing as a family one of us is bound to have the hump hahaha, could never get bored of it, Gassy the cow looks so funny I know for a fact my son would love this he loves anything to do with farts and poo lol typical boy x

  23. I would love this for my kids they would have such fun

  24. Minnions Frustration is my daughter's favourite game.

  25. my children love to play hungry hippos and pie face :)

  26. My daughter loves monopoly empire


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