Exploring Internet Safety With Your Child

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The Internet is a wide space much like the real world that we live in. It is full of entrepreneurs, fun and a whole lot of creativity. However, it is important to remember that it is home to both criminals and con artists as well. Teaching children to explore the Internet safely is vital and begins the moment you allow your child to use the Internet at home. Whenever your child uses the Internet, it should be done in an open space where you can assist them and monitor what they are doing. Some families choose to use a secure VPN so that your IP address is hidden and therefore you cannot be tracked or traced. As the child grows up, it becomes even more important to keep tabs on what they do online. Here is some advice on exploring the Internet safely with your child.

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Start off by explaining to them what the Internet is. If your child is aware of the ideas that the Internet proposes, they will understand warnings such as not to open dodgy links. Describe the Internet as an enormous book where everyone has access and can write in it. This is important to know so your child understands not to believe everything they read online. 

Show them how to fact check. We live in an era where false news and pranks are what draws attention. Teenagers in particular can fall prey to these so-called facts which are in fact nothing of the sort. Show your teenager a news site such as the BBC and ask them why they think that it is trustworthy. The answers they come up with may surprise you.

As they become more adventurous online they may decide to download apps or games so using an antivirus such as free antivirus download can ensure they don't download anything dangerous. 

Social media is a big part of a teenager's life. It is a space for them to chat to their friends, share photos and watch videos. However, with how easily accessible social media accounts are, if your child is not safe online come on things can get messy really quickly. Let them know that it is never okay to share personal photos or locations with strangers. Above all, keep an open-door policy with your child to avoid them lying about anything they do online. Good luck!


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