Tech | All You Need To Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

I have been lucky enough to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Note, the first phone I have owned with the S-Pen and most powerful Android Phone made to date.  In a family of Apple fans, I moved over to Android a few years ago and haven't looked back.
Firstly size - this is not a small phone, with a 6.4 inch screen this is Samsungs biggest screen to date.  Ideal for watching videos and viewing photos and maybe not so ideal if you like small compact phones.

The screen itself is a Super AMOLED High definition screen with a 2960 x 1440 pixel size - so in simple terms its a high quality screen - made from gorilla glass which should mean extra protection from cuts and scratches.

Onto the features - what does the Note 9 have that other phones don't?  The S-Pen. Now Bluetooth enabled, the S-Pen can be used to control your phone remotely, whether it be taking a selfie, or running a presentation , the pen has two buttons which you can program to do whatever you want them to.  Alternatively you can use it to write notes on the screen, whether that be a quick reminder where you don't have to even unlock your screen, or more thorough note or work writing in the notes app, the S - Pen is actually a lot more useful than I thought it was going to be. You can also use it in games too, so Fruit Ninja is a bit easier than it used to be with the S - Pen.

Battery life is better than on any phone I have ever owned.  Previously I owned a Samsung S8 plus and the battery would last the day, with moderate use, now the Note 9 offers up to 48 hour battery with moderate use and I have found that I'm not charging as much as I needed to before.

For raw power, the Note 9 is hard to beat.  The 6GB Ram and Octacore processor inside the Note 9 means it is capable  of running the highest end Android games including everyones favourite Fortnite (with the added benefit of the free Galaxy Skin). I have had the phone running over 10 apps at ones, jumping between them with no issue and no signs of slowdown anywhere.

Now onto the Camera - this is my favourite part of the Note 9 - the camera really is stunning. The rear is a dual lens, 12MP camera with an 8MP camera at the front for those perfect pictures.  There are two features which really impress me.  Firstly the live focus mode.  This allows you to focus in on a particular area and choose how much blur you want to apply to the surroundings - it makes for lovely pictures.  Secondly the camera will warn you if a blink, or blur is detected on a photo taken in auto mode,  its really quick and means you can take again before anyone has moved!

And Finally - we still have a headphone socket on the Note 9 - Samsung listen to their customers and don't feel the need to force you to buy adaptors to listen through your favourite headphones.

I am really pleased with the Note 9. Its not a cheap phone, but currently its cheaper than the new iPhone range and I would say a better purchase for anyone who wants a powerful phone with a great camera.



  1. Now that is a nice sized phone, and the photo capacity looks so good. I'm not due to upgrade until the end of the year but I don't know whether to do sim only and keep my phone or whether to upgrade x

  2. This does sound rather swish! I'm in the market for a new phone - I'll consider one of these.

  3. I do like the pen aspects and being able to write a note without unlocking the phone. The camera looks li,e a great quality but I don’t think I would swap from Apple but that’s just personal choice

  4. We are Samsung users, but found the memory on their phones needs to be much more xx

  5. I'm actually looking for this kind of gadget for my dad. I'll check it out with him if he would like one for himself. :)

  6. I've heard such good things about Samsung products, my husband has the phone and he loves it.

  7. Increased battery life is a huge draw for me - I have friends who swear by their Samsung Galaxy phones. Love the idea of the pen too!


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