Review - Hot Wheels Roto Revolution

Hot Wheels has been popular with us since Big J was small. We have amassed a decent sized collection of Hot Wheels cars, and Little J loves each and every one of them . We were asked to review the Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set, and Little J was so excited to try it out.

The set is designed a ‘battle’ play set, with the opportunity to battle an opponent on a rotating track set to see whose car will survive the longest. We do own a hot wheels set  called Spin Storm already, which sends your cars flying upside down through some loops around and around again. The Rotation feature added to the Roto Revolution set adds an extra dimension as it requires both a little bit of skill and the cars will both come off the track sooner or later, which adds to the excitement. 

The track was easy to set up with clear instructions and only a few pieces to fasten together. With guidance Little J was able to have the Track Set up and running in around 10 minutes. The set needs 4 D sized batteries, which aren't included - so if you are buying as a gift, or just want to be able to play straight way make sure you have some ready. 

The large sized switch is great for little hands as you will find that you switch the set on and off numerous times throughout play. It also allows for the Little ones to be in charge of when the track starts to spin around. 

The set comes with 2 cars, and the majority of hot wheels cars will be able to be used with the Roto Revolution. Little J wanted to try a few of his favourites to see who would be the battle champion. 

Once the track is spinning, the skill part of the game begins. You need to time your launch to make sure that the car enters the track at the right time.  Miss and you will smash into the wall and the car will come back towards the launcher for another try.   If you time it right your car enters the spinning loops and can go to battle with your opponent, as long as they too have timed their launch correctly.

Once both cars are in play, the battle begins. Both cars fly around the loops until one smashes into the other sending it flying off the track and into the air. Eventually, the other car will fly off too, but by then its already the winner. 

The Roto Revolution set is reasonably compact and the two launching sections can be easily disconnected for storage. We like this as we prefer to leave the Tracks set up as much as possible so that Little J can play whenever he wants to and not have to worry about getting the set built again. 

Overall I would say that the Roto Revolution is a hit here. Little J has played with it every day since it arrived and his timing when launching the cars has got better every day, which really does add to the sense of achievement, especially if his car wins.

Roto Revolution is perfect for any Hot Wheels fan this Christmas. It is aimed at little ones aged 5+ and is available to buy in most good toy stores and online at Amazon


Disclosure - We received Roto Revolution for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.


  1. Hot wheels is great I remember my son loved it and now my little nephew loves it too

  2. Looks good - the hot wheels toys are usually very good!

  3. A lovely review, my son had lots of hot wheels sets when he was younger, he's 13 now so we have given them to our friends younger boys as he's used them for years and they have lasted years, they are fantastic quality xXx

  4. Thanks or the review. I have a feeling that one of these will be on a Santa list in our house.

  5. Love hot wheels my son has tonnes of them !!

  6. This would be a great present for my nephew. Thanks for reviewing it


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