Thursday, 26 February 2015

Another Appliance Bites The Dust

It's that time in life where all our appliances seem to die at the same time. Why?
Our cooker is soon to be the next victim and go to the appliances heaven in the sky with our fridge and washing machine that went up not that long ago.
We bought a new fridge about 6 months ago because our old one really was on it's last legs and now everything else seems to need an upgrade too.
Top of the list towards the end of last year was a new washing machine. We went shopping to have a browse as I like to see the washing machines actually in store, but I would usually order online. 
I liked the look of the Panasonic Washing Machines, LCD and touch buttons made our old machine look ancient. Having two kids now means more washing so we did have to look at a bigger load capacity.
We did find one which was so much better than our old one. You can load 3kg more, it's got a nice display screen, child lock, wash delay timer and all other little add ons. Ours is really out of date compared to the newer models.
It cost an extra £90 for someone to come and fit it. When we paid Daddy noticed a difference in the price by £18, when he asked the lady she said that was for delivery. So £18 to deliver on top of the £90 for some to come and fit it. £108 extra on top of the price quoted. This seemed a lot to me but Daddy said you always get charged extra for delivery and fitting.
While we were there big and little J both went to look at the TVs, I know Daddy would love a new TV but unfortunately its not a priority on our list of new things we need. 
Big J was watching a programme on a TV that cost nearly £3,000. I don't think we will be getting that one.
Little J was just crawling everywhere. The shop was empty and there were more staff than customers so he was happy up and down the aisles.
Then big J decided he was going to chase after little J so I had the pair of them crawling around the TV displays.
When the men came to deliver the washing machine they also said they will take our old one away for us. I felt ashamed when the pulled the washing machine out. It looked really old and grubby and it was all dirty and dusty behind the machine. 
Once fitted I couldn't wait to try it out. I loaded it up and on it went. As you may have read here, little J loves the washing machine and he was keen to see the new one in action. 
Also on our list of things to buy are a hoover, lawn mower, strimmer, buggy, and then possible a new TV to keep the boys happy.
Do you find everything dies at the same time? 
What's top of your 'needs replacing' list?
*Published in conjunction with Panasonic*


  1. I feel your pain! Close to Christmas last year - we had our fridge, then dishwasher and almost washing machine! The first two needed replaced with brand new appliances. luckily, the third needed only a new door. I asked Santa but he didn't oblige unfortunately :( #whatsyourweeknd

  2. Everything always goes at one here as well. Our last fail was door handles. Not electronic but really awkward when you get trapped in a room! Luckily the room had a second door and we had a builder about to take off the handle till we could get new ones. But we couldn't get one to match and because a couple of others felt a bit dodgy we replaced them all. Granted not as much as a washer but just glad it wasn't me paying!!

  3. Yes that happened to us as well, 1st cookerhood blew , than washing machine and now fridge.

  4. Oh that's just so typical, isn't it! We had to replace a boiler and a washing machine at around the same time...thank goodness for savings!

    Dash xx

  5. I find that everything dies usually the day after the guarantee runs out :(


  6. Sometimes I wish I had a sort of saving pot for these emergency appliance replacements.

  7. I know what you mean about everything needing replacing at the same time. Sod's law! White goods are so expensive too. To make our washing machine last longer, I always use water softener with every cycle (we live in a very hard water area). That seems to do the trick. Our current machine is used daily and we've had it (AEG, firmly tapping wood) for over 15 years now! Tx

  8. This always happens with my family - everything seems to die at the same time and it's hard to replace everything all together. Things always cost so much!

  9. Aw that sounds awesome, cute kids! Can't believe how much things cost nowadays! Some appliances are like as much as a car!!


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