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Theatre Review - Wicked at The Apollo Victoria, London

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A few weeks ago Daddy and I headed to London for the day. We got the 6:45am train and was in London by 9am. I had booked us tickets to see Wicked at the The Apollo Victoria. It’s not a musical I had wanted to see before but Daddy really liked the sound of it so I booked them for Father’s Day.
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An Evening With Giovanna Fletcher

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Last night I attended an evening with Giovanna Fletcher at Waterstones. I have never been to anything like this before because if I am being honest I am not a big reader. I do like reading but I always have something else to do so although I have lots of books, they just sit there gathering dust. So I assume you are wondering why I went to a book event then if I'm not really a book lover. The truth is I do like Giovanna's books and have all four of them but I actually like her as a person too. I know that might sound crazy as I have never met her (until last night) but I follow her on you tube and I really enjoy watching her vlogs.

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Date Night With Calamity Jane

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My favourite night out is definitely a trip to the theatre. I love watching stage productions and my passion started when my Mum and Dad took me to watch Grease. I was mesmerised from start to finish and I have enjoyed going ever since. Daddy booked me tickets to see Calamity Jane for my birthday. I absolutely love Calamity Jane and I used to watch it all the time when I was younger. When I read Jodie Prenger was Calamity Jane I was so excited. I watched Jodie win the role of Nancy in Oliver on BBC One show I'd Do Anything, I would have loved to see her in that.

Photo thanks to Calamity Jane Stage Show
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McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure Tour Ever

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On a scale from 1-10 for how excited I was when McBusted announced they were touring again, I was an 11. I honestly thought it was a one off tour last year and didn't think for one minute that not only would they tour again but they would make an album together. It made my year when I heard the news and I was even more excited when I received tickets for their Most Excellent Adventure Tour for christmas.
They arrived in Liverpool on 31st March and couldn't wait. I love all their songs and I was ready to sing and dance my socks off. ( I didn't have socks on but you know what I mean!) 
I love it that we have the Echo Arena in Liverpool because it saves the journey into Manchester which we did for many years. Its not as big as the Manchester Arena, definitely not as high but it does attract the big names. 
Our tickets were for the lower tier next to the stage, Row A. We were on Tom's side. If you have been a Mcfly/McBusted concert before you will know Tom, Danny, Dougie have always sang/played on the same side for each tour and its never changed. 
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What We've Been Watching

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Daddy and I have been making the most of our evenings lately as little J has been falling asleep between 6-7pm. 
We have watched a few films, its been nice to sit and chill for a few hours as usually we are busy and don't seem to find the time.
So what have we been watching. Well we are big fans of Liam Neeson and we watched Taken 2 just around christmas time ready for Taken 3 when it came out on the cinema. 
They are such great films and although the storyline is similar in each film I am always blown away with just how good these films are.
So after Taken's we decided to see what else Liam Neeson was in. Love Actually was first. I love that film and have watched it many times, really enjoyed it even though it was after christmas.
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We Found Love

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I don't usually listen to the radio because I always have a CD in the car but one day last week I did. I'm not a big fan of the radio mainly because I'm not a fan of current music so I would rather listen to what I want and not what the radio chooses to play. Anyway the two presenters of the morning breakfast show were having a conversation about Love. They said there has been a recent survey which confirmed that the most popular place to find love was at the gym. 
Really? the gym? I couldn't imagine anything less romantic. I don't go the gym now but when I did I used to be red faced and sweaty and couldn't wait to get home to take a shower. Looking for love would have been the last thing on my mind. 
Anyway they asked their listeners to ring up to share where they found love. There were some lovely stories of people finding love in all weird and random places. Out for a stroll with the dog, on an aeroplane, at a concert and even cleaning someones car.
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I Need To M.E.A.T and Greet McBusted

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I haven't blogged about my love for Mcbusted for a few weeks so I suppose now is a good time to give them a mention. Last week I was browsing through my emails when I came across one from the McBusted boys, well it was just a mail shot but it was very exciting.
*photo copyrighted to McBusted*
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Project 365 Days 40-46

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Absolutely gutted that I didn't post my Project 365 last week. I had all the photos ready but with it being half term all my usual routine just went and my blogging took a back seat. Like I said though I do have the photos so will share them below - a week late but better late than never.

40/365 - More hospital apps this week for little J.

41/365 - An X-Ray and a visit to the plastic surgeon and little J is now on the list for a toe operation. Really hope it works this time.

42/365 - Cookies and Cream - My favourite.

43/365 - We have the wii back Yay. Our old one died a few months ago so we now have a new one.

44/365 - A day early but Daddy and I watched Valentine's Day. Love this movie.

45/365 - Valentines Day. Swell as some other presents Daddy bought me a dozen beautiful Red Roses 

46/365 - This was the last of my valentines day chocolates. Little J bit right through the wrapper and then ate it.

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Project 365 Days 33-39

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Hi all. Another week and another seven photographs capturing what we have been up to this week.

The sun has been shining this week but it is very very cold. It was -1 during the week on the way to school.

33/365 - Little J spent the morning in nursery today and was so tired he fell asleep for almost 4 hours. 

34/365 - The Meat and Greet details were available online for the forthcoming McBusted Tour. Too expensive for me. Gutted.

35/365 - It was nice to have some time with Big J tonight and we played some board games. We received Disney Hedbanz for christmas and its so much fun. Its very similar to Guess Who but with disney characters.

36/365 - Daddy had a little go on a tombola in Tesco today for charity and won two little prizes. Well done Daddy.

37/365 - Enjoying a pre valentines meal at Prezzo. Keep an eye out for our review this week.

38/365 - In the early hours of Friday Morning Daddy and I became an aunty and uncle for the first time. Big J has a new cousin, baby A. He is absolutely adorable and we couldn't wait for cuddles.

39/365 - Big J and little J rolling down the hill at Clifford Tower, York. We had a lovely day taking in the sights in York.

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Project 365 Days 12-18

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The days are whizzing past this month. Here is our project 365 Days 12-18

12/365 - Today little J went to his Nana and Grandads. He loves playing in his inflatable helicopter.

13/365 - I found a packet of Gluten free muffins in the cupboard that I had bought for a relative and big J asked could he try one. I take it from his smile he thought it was yummy!

14/365 - Little J has found a new way to eat his yoghurts. No need for a spoon just stick your tongue in.

15/365 - Daddy bought me the most toastiest socks ever. They are so thick and warm and perfect for my cold feet. 
16/365 - Caught red handed rooting through my shopping looking for treats.

17/365 - Daddy and I went to see Taken 3 at the cinema. I absolutely love the Taken films and I am gutted that this is the last one. Liam Neeson is just an amazing actor and didn't disappoint.

18/365 - Today we celebrated Daddy's Dads birthday. we all went for a lovely meal. I love this photo of all the boys together.

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Date Night

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One of my resolutions is to spend more time with Daddy. Obviously I see Daddy every day but I do want to spend more time doing something just for us two. Being a parent is so time consuming and some days you don't have a minute to sit, chill and relax. When we do get to sit and talk we are normally to tired (or well I am) so its cut short.
I love being a Mummy and spending as much time with my two monkeys as possible but I do think its nice to spend time alone with Daddy.
We did manage a few nights out together in December which was nice. We are not big drinkers so a night out on the town isn't for us really. We don't go crazy maybe just a meal or the cinema. For those two hours or so you feel completely relaxed knowing that you don't have to worry about anyone or anything. 
One of our nights out was going to see the Hobbit - The Battle of The Five Armies. We booked our tickets really early to secure our seat at the Odeon in the Gallery. I love the Gallery and if you haven't been - you must. It's not available in every Odeon but if it is in one by you, do give it a try. It does cost slightly more than a usual ticket but the experience is so much more. 
We like to arrive at least 45 minutes before the movie but we got stuck in traffic with everyone christmas shopping so we were running slightly late. We headed up to the gallery which is located on the top floor. When the lift doors open you are greeted by a huge window the length of the cinema looking out over Liverpool. You can sit and relax on the sofa's while enjoying unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, nachos, popcorn and chocolates. 
I usually just have a Pepsi Max and Nacho's. I not a big fan of popcorn but Daddy loves it. The seats are so much bigger in the gallery too. You get a double leather sofa to share with speakers in. The Hobbit was in imax so the sound was amazing.
Once we were settled and had our goodies to eat and drink we were ready to watch the film. We are huge Lord of The Rings fans and have been for years. We watch the trilogy every christmas and have seen the Hobbit films as soon as they come on the cinema. 
Anyway the film was amazing and we didn't move for the duration which is probably a first for me because usually I am the one that squeezes past everyone to go the toilet at least twice through a long film. 
After we watched we returned to the gallery and had a chat about the film. Its sad to think that this is the last one. I hope Peter Jackson does something again in the future. 
So thats it, my resolution has been made that more 'Date Nights' are to be had for Daddy and I. We need to make the time and no excuses. 
Do you have 'date nights?' How do you plan them?
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The Night I Cheated on McBusted

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Last week I was faced with a very tough decision. I had double booked on a night out and I had tickets to two very important events. Daddy had booked tickets for me to see The Big Reunion Boyband Tour months ago and in a panic I rushed and booked tickets to McBusted Tourplay event a few weeks ago before they sold out. I didn't check the dates and realised later they were both the same night. How stupid of me.
Now I am a HUGE fan of McBusted so I knew straight away I wanted to go and see Tourplay but I started to think what if they release it on DVD and I've missed all the bands I used to love in the Big Reunion. It was a tough choice and even right up to a few hours before I was still unsure. 
Unfortunately for my McBusted boys I chose the Big Reunion. This was the first time I had ever missed a Busted/Mcfly/Mcbusted event in the Northwest. I felt like such a cheat.
I did however try and enjoy myself watching all the bands I used to love. 911, 5ive, A1. They were all so amazing and I had a great night. 
A1 came on first and they sang one of my favourite songs.
Caught in the Middle. I love that song.
5ive were great too although I'm not sure how they can still be called 5ive when there was only 3 of them? Maybe they should think of a rename.. how about thr33??
I was so impressed with Damage. They weren't a band that I would listen to when I was younger but they are so slick and their moves were spot on. Nice chilled out music. I liked them a lot.
911 were also amazing. I just love 911 and always have. They are brilliant live and I love the fact that even now Jimmy and Spike can still pull off those dance moves.
I'm not a fan of Blue at all, but they sang Sorry is the hardest word. I love that song and I do like their version. Would have been even better if Elton John had of come on too.
Next was 5th Story. Hmmmm not sure what to say really. I just didn't get it. Adam Rickett, Dane Bowers, Kenzie, Gareth Gates and Kavana... just didn't work for me. If I'm honest they looked like they couldn't be bothered.
Lastly 3T wow those guys are amazing. They look and sound amazing and again the same as Damage I wasn't a fan years ago but they can really sing and i'm sure Michael Jackson would be so proud of his nephews.
Overall it was a great night and I was glad I went. I avoided twitter when I came home because I didn't want to know about Tourplay but I have heard since that its being released on DVD and Blu Ray YAY.
Have you ever double booked for the same night?
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