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Project 365 Days 172 - 178

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 Here is our week in photos

172/365 - The new Everton kit came out this weekend. Daddy and the monkeys each got the full kit. I love them in the football kits, they always look so nice in them.
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Project 365 Days 158 - 171

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My blog has been a little neglected over the last few weeks so I completely missed last weeks Project 365 but I did take photos so here is our last two weeks in photos.

158/365 - Big J has recovered from his week in Malaga so it was out in the garden for some splashing fun.

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Project 365 Days 151 - 157

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Well its been a funny old week which started with all four of us but that soon went to just Little J and I. Big J jetted off to Spain on a school trip early hours Monday morning and didn't return until Friday evening. Daddy was away with work in the middle of the week so it was an unusually quiet house.

151/365 - Today was mainly spent packing for Big J's holiday to Spain.

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Project 365 Days 144 - 150

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This week is Half Term and I love Half Term. Its great not having to get up and get dressed for the school run or work. We have been getting up a little later than usual and just chilling in the mornings. Big J has enjoyed not having any homework and little J has loved his big brother being at home during the day.

144/365 - Carrying on from last week project 365 we were still in Alton Towers today. We had been invited to Iggle Piggles Birthday Party. We had an amazing three days and the party on Sunday just made the whole weekend extra special. I love this photo of the boys on the way home.
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Project 365 Days 137-143

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This week has been a busy week but a really fun one. 

137/365 - Today we visited the new Duplo Farm in the Legoland Discovery Centre. It was lots of fun for both big J and little J.
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Project 365 Days 130 - 136

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This week has been sunny one day and freezing the next. I really wish this weather would make up its mind. 

Here are a few photos from our week. 

My homemade crustless quiche - delicious
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Project 365 Days 123 - 129

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Double birthday celebrations this week for big J and I. I cannot believe he is a teenager already, where does the time go?

We had a lovely week of presents and parties.

123/365 - The birthday celebrations have begun
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Project 365 Days 110-122

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I missed project 365 last week but I have doubled up this week.

Here's our last two weeks in photos

110/365 - The sun has been shining today so after school we headed straight in the garden.
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Project 365 Days 103-109

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Its back to school and work next week so we tried to make the most of our last week off.

103/365 - Sun was shining so it was out in the garden for some football.

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Project 365 Days 96 - 102

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Sorry this is a little late this week

So this week we went in to triple figures. 102 days I have been doing Project 365, its actually easier than I thought it would be. I am looking forward to looking back at all our photos once we have completed 365 days.

96/365 - A nice walk down Otterspool prom with Grandma
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Project 365 Days 61-67

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Its been a lovely dry week this week so plenty of chances to head out in the garden for some fresh air.
61/365 - My week got off to a very good start when I lost albs. I started slimming world the week before and I am really enjoying it. I don't actually feel like I am on a diet and I am amazed with my weight loss. I know when you start dieting you always lose more in the first week but its really motivated me to do good.
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Project 365 Days 54-60

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I hope everyone had a nice week last week. We did and as usual it went by so fast so I'm glad I was able to take a few photos to remind us of the week we just had.
54/365 - Little J really wanted to go in the garden so we wrapped up warm and headed out. Theres not a lot to do out there yet but he seemed to have lots of fun pulling bits out of our garden box. 

55/365 - Big J is starting kick boxing so we visited tonight to sign up and prepare for next week.

56/365 - My blog has had a makeover and I absolutely love it. Thanks to Jade Marshall Design

57/365 - Daddy and big J went to see Everton play tonight. They won 3-1 so it was smiles all round.

58/365 - Little J looks forward to his big brother coming home from school.

59/365 - Little J has started to enjoy playing with water in his kettle making cups of tea for Mummy

60/365 - We headed out bright and early to Sherdley Park today. Lots of football an running up and down hills.

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Project 365 Days 47-53

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Last week was half term...YAY. I love half term. I love big J being off school because we can enjoy some nice family time together and little J gets to see his big brother during the day.
47/365 - Today we started half term by going into Liverpool. We had a nice walk around the Albert Dock and we went on The Wheel of Liverpool. Little J hasn't been on it before but he loved it.

48/365 - Pancake Tuesday. Big J went out to his friends so before he went we made some pancakes. This one is half Nutella and half maple syrup.

49/365 - Today we went to Blackpool. This photo is actually on the way there. Both monkeys fell asleep.
50/365 - Big J went to his friends again today - it was a little miserable outside but later on it did dry up and the rain stopped. Enough time for little J to have a quick play in the garden before bath time.
51/365 - I had a sore throat and a cough today so we had a 'in' day. Little J playing in his tent on the iPad.
52/365 - Family meal this afternoon 
53/365 - Outside fun at Nana and Grandads
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Project 365 Days 40-46

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Absolutely gutted that I didn't post my Project 365 last week. I had all the photos ready but with it being half term all my usual routine just went and my blogging took a back seat. Like I said though I do have the photos so will share them below - a week late but better late than never.

40/365 - More hospital apps this week for little J.

41/365 - An X-Ray and a visit to the plastic surgeon and little J is now on the list for a toe operation. Really hope it works this time.

42/365 - Cookies and Cream - My favourite.

43/365 - We have the wii back Yay. Our old one died a few months ago so we now have a new one.

44/365 - A day early but Daddy and I watched Valentine's Day. Love this movie.

45/365 - Valentines Day. Swell as some other presents Daddy bought me a dozen beautiful Red Roses 

46/365 - This was the last of my valentines day chocolates. Little J bit right through the wrapper and then ate it.

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Project 365 Days 33-39

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Hi all. Another week and another seven photographs capturing what we have been up to this week.

The sun has been shining this week but it is very very cold. It was -1 during the week on the way to school.

33/365 - Little J spent the morning in nursery today and was so tired he fell asleep for almost 4 hours. 

34/365 - The Meat and Greet details were available online for the forthcoming McBusted Tour. Too expensive for me. Gutted.

35/365 - It was nice to have some time with Big J tonight and we played some board games. We received Disney Hedbanz for christmas and its so much fun. Its very similar to Guess Who but with disney characters.

36/365 - Daddy had a little go on a tombola in Tesco today for charity and won two little prizes. Well done Daddy.

37/365 - Enjoying a pre valentines meal at Prezzo. Keep an eye out for our review this week.

38/365 - In the early hours of Friday Morning Daddy and I became an aunty and uncle for the first time. Big J has a new cousin, baby A. He is absolutely adorable and we couldn't wait for cuddles.

39/365 - Big J and little J rolling down the hill at Clifford Tower, York. We had a lovely day taking in the sights in York.

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Project 365 Days 26-32

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 Here is our Project 365 for this week. Can't believe we are in February already.

26/365 - There are lots of bugs going round at the moment so Daddy steamed the house from top to bottom.

27/365 - Little J has been testing out Peppa Pig's - Grandpa Pig's Holiday Boat. Keep and eye out for our review.

28/365 - Big J enjoying a nice pre birthday meal with his Grandad

29/365 - Today is my Dad's birthday. We gave him his presents and ate some cake.

30/365 - Little J's new shoes and leg cast arrived at the hospital today so we went to collect them both. I know they don't look like the nicest pair of shoes but if it they fit around his toe and support his walking then thats all that matters.

31/365 - Today was a tidy the house day while big J went the cinema with his friends to see Big Hero 6

32/365 - We found some leftover snow today so little J decided to dive in it, head first. 

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Project 365 Days 19-25

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Welcome to this weeks Project 365. This week has flew over, its crazy that its Monday again already. It will soon be February. I have noticed its started to get lighter earlier in the mornings now, makes getting up for work and school that little bit easier.

19/365 - Little J received an new toy from his uncle Paul, his very own JCB and he loves it. Its got a horn on it too and he loves pressing it...all the time.

20/365 - Today we had a huge Nerf gun battle in our living room. Big J tried to his new Nerf Zombie Strike gun. Foam bullets flying everywhere but it was lots of fun.

21/365 - I've ate this pretty much every day this week. Chicken, lettuce, tomato, sweetcorn and sweet chilli sauce. I love it. Today I was feeling a littler hungry so I added some pasta to it.

22/365 - Today I got a lovely delivery from Tesco of lots of protein filled foods to help me with the #proteinchallenge I a taking part of thanks to Upbeat. Keep an eye out for how I get on.

23/365 - We got our new beds delivered today which I thought was exciting but big and little J were more excited about jumping and playing on the old mattresses. 

24/365 - A very cold day today but that didn't stop us wrapping up warm and heading of to New Brighton for a late afternoon stroll, a quick go on the arcades and to the pub for tea.

25/365 - No one can make little J smile like this except his big brother.

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