Sunday, 6 August 2017

Our Sunday Photo - 06/08/2017

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Highlight of the week was booking The Overtones at Christmas. Absolutely love The Overtone so roll on December.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Capital FM Summertime Ball 2016

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This post has been sitting in my drafts since the Summer and I'm not sure why I didn't publish it. As time went on I didn't feel the time was right to post about something we did months ago. As the tickets for this years Summertime Ball will be going on sale shortly I thought it would be perfect to share on day now for those who are thinking of attending this year.

 Now that big J is growing up buying for his birthday isn't as easy as it was. We asked him what he would like and even he couldn't think of anything. After listening to the radio one morning he heard about the Capital FM Summertime Ball so he asked us for tickets for his birthday.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Steps Are Back - #20YearsOfSteps

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Credit Steps

Well today when I got home and started to browse through Facebook I did not expect to see this  news trending - STEPS ARE BACK. Woohoo I am so excited. I have been a very loyal fan for 20 years so I am delighted that not only are they back with a new album but a tour too. I have seen Steps live many times and obviously their music is poptastic but they were born to perform on stage, their live shows are amazing. #20YearsOfSteps here we come.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure Tour Ever

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On a scale from 1-10 for how excited I was when McBusted announced they were touring again, I was an 11. I honestly thought it was a one off tour last year and didn't think for one minute that not only would they tour again but they would make an album together. It made my year when I heard the news and I was even more excited when I received tickets for their Most Excellent Adventure Tour for christmas.
They arrived in Liverpool on 31st March and couldn't wait. I love all their songs and I was ready to sing and dance my socks off. ( I didn't have socks on but you know what I mean!) 
I love it that we have the Echo Arena in Liverpool because it saves the journey into Manchester which we did for many years. Its not as big as the Manchester Arena, definitely not as high but it does attract the big names. 
Our tickets were for the lower tier next to the stage, Row A. We were on Tom's side. If you have been a Mcfly/McBusted concert before you will know Tom, Danny, Dougie have always sang/played on the same side for each tour and its never changed. 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Mr Tumble's Circus Is Coming To Town

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I think if you are a regular reader you will now that we are a huge CBeebies fan and Justin Fletcher / Mr Tumble is a favourite of ours. We recently reviewed his new album and little J loves it.
Last year at Lollibop Justin announced that he was going on tour in 2015 and I was so excited as I knew little J would be a little bit older and would appreciate the show a lot more than he did at Lollibop.

Friday, 6 March 2015

I Need To M.E.A.T and Greet McBusted

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I haven't blogged about my love for Mcbusted for a few weeks so I suppose now is a good time to give them a mention. Last week I was browsing through my emails when I came across one from the McBusted boys, well it was just a mail shot but it was very exciting.
*photo copyrighted to McBusted*

Friday, 16 May 2014

Super Excited To See Super Group McBusted In Concert (review)

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When big J was little he loved the band Busted. We had the albums and I have loads of photos and videos of him singing and dancing with a guitar to Busted songs. When they split up I was gutted because I had become a fan myself.
It wasn't long before a new group came on the scene. McFly, were Busted's support act and apparently they were all friends. I wasn't sure at first whether I would like them or not but soon after they became my favourite group.
Over the years I have seen Mcfly in concert so many times that I am embarrassed to mention just how many. I know one tour I went to see them 3 times in three different venues. I am a huge fan and so is big J.
When they announced that they had teamed up with James and Matt from Busted to become a super group called McBusted I have to admit I did get excited. Tickets were bought and I couldn't wait to go and see them. Unfortunately my night didn't go to plan I twisted my ankle and before they came on stage I had to go home because I was in so much pain, poor big J was so upset. Luckily for me McBusted were returning to the Liverpool Echo Arena less than 4 weeks later and Daddy bought me some more tickets. Unfortunately there were only two available seats, not three and they were too close to the stage and Big J doesn't like too much noise. So he couldn't come :(
So did I finally manage to see the super group in action? - YES and it was worth the wait.
When the arena went dark the fans were screaming and I couldn't not join in so up I stood screaming and eagerly waiting for the boys to come on stage.
Music started to play and the video screens came on playing the Back to the Future theme tune. Matt and James were on the video in a Delorean travelling to the future then all of a sudden a Delorean appeared on stage through the smoke. Matt and James jumped out of the car and then Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry burst onto the stage to the Busted song Air Hostess.
There was a OMFG standing area at the front and the stage came out into the audience so our seats were amazing. We were in Block A had an amazing view.
The first 4 songs were Busted songs and the memories of Big J dancing round our living room when he was a toddler made me smile and I laughed when I still knew all the words.
Air Hostess was first, You said no, Britney and one my favourite Busted song Who's David. The singing was shared out between the band and James and Matt sounded great.
Then we were treated to Mcfly's first two songs, that were released way back but they still sound amazing. Five colours in her hair and Obviously. Mcfly usually finish their concert with five colours so it was nice to have it towards the start of the show.
Then it was back to Busted. James came to the front of the extended stage and sang Sleeping with the lights on.
Afterwards the arena went dark and as expected McBusted were making their way above our heads to a rumoured 2nd stage. There just so happened to be a giant UFO hanging just above us :)
The video screens came back on and Harry, Tom, Dougie, Matt, James and Danny were pretending to be from America and they had spotted a UFO in the sky.
We turned around and just above our heads was the UFO coming down into the arena.
When it landed it was just in front of us and then they started singing Star Girl (another of my faves).
 We had Tom right in front of us, Dougie to our left and James to our right.
A nice close up of Tom
James decided to sit on the edge of the UFO above all his fans.
Danny joined our side while they played Nerdy
Then they finished on the UFO with Room on the third floor.
When they came off the UFO they ran right past us back to the main stage for Thunderbirds then it was straight into a cover version of Jackson 5's I want you back. Danny, James and Matt did the dnce routine which was brilliant and then out the corner of my eye I spotted the Tshirt Blasters. They have used these before and its great fun. Basically Matt and James filled the blasters with rolled up tshirts and shot them into the crowd as Danny got the audience going by asking us to cheer and scream. None came our way unfortunately but still theres next time ;)
Shine a light was next and I'm not a big fan of this one because to me it isn't a sound I'm used to Mcfly playing but I still enjoyed it. Next Dougie asked us all would we like to hear him sing a solo. Then it what could only be described as a chipmunk voice he sang Celine Dions 'My heart will go on' while all the lads including Harry (who usually stays at the drums) came behind Dougie for a huge big cuddle.
Then Dougie asked us if we wanted to see some big balls? Out the sides of the arena came 4 huge inflatable balls while the band played That's what I go to school for. One nearly came to us but then bounced the other way :(
Then the encore arrived and the video screens came back on with a video of the now famous Tom's wedding speech and then it was straight into Crashed The Wedding. Matt was in a wedding dress. Then it was All about you and to finish Year 3000
I really did enjoy the concert and for me it was just like watching one band as they all seemed to fit well together perfectly. You can tell that they are all best friends and they really do seem to have so much fun on stage. I actually said that it wouldn't surprise me if they continued as McBusted for a little while after the tour and maybe write an album. I cam home and googled and they have mentioned it recently that they are the happiest they have ever been as a 6 piece.
There were 17 songs in total on the set list
10 Busted
6 McFly
1 Cover
I read on one forum that McFly fans were so angry about this because It should have been an equal split but for me I thought the song choices were great and if they do decide to continue as McBusted they can still count on me to be a fan.
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